Thursday, 26 April 2012

Getting back into reviewing!

So here I am again.

Today is gonna be quite a long day for me, since I'm gonna attempt to take photos of a lot of the collection (and if you've seen previous blogs, etc from me, then you'll know just how large it is!) and maybe do a review or two today aswell, just to kick start this site off!

I know what you are probably thinking... "Why is the site being hosted on blogger?"

Well, the simple answer to that is, money. Back when I first bought my domain, I bought hosting and a whole lot of other extras to go along with it too. Only for my PC to then die a death a few days later, losing me all my work (my web template I had made from scratch, all of the coding I did, and lots of pages I had created, but not yet uploaded to the site), I was gutted, to say the least.

It actually kinda put me off running my site, because of all the hours of work I'd just lost.

I still had my hosting and ownership of my domain, but due to having no PC - I just put the site on the backburner for a while.

After a few months, I cancelled the hosting (why bother paying for something to just sit there unused?) and shut the site down.

So, for now - I'm going to host the site here, and make my updates on here regularly, and once I've got a decent bit of content, and some spare cash (since pretty much ALL of my money goes on the house, my son, and of course - my games!) then I'll rebuy some hosting and get the site back up, properly.

So until then, the site will be here, but fear not! The content will still be just as good :)


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