Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hello, world!

I'm Vanessa, a soon to be 20 year old, self-confessed game ADDICT.

I'm starting this website up as a place to hold my thoughts, reviews and probably the occasional rant about all things gaming!

To be perfectly honest, I've started this website once before, and it bombed soon after due to a broken PC and a huge dent left in my purse from collecting, but now I'm gonna get it back up and running and this time, KEEP IT UP!

Gaming is a big part of my life, as is collecting. I'm an avid collector of Limited/Special/Collector's Edition video games (and movies) and I plan on using this website to give everyone a little insight into both my collection, and the games that are in it.

I collect for all platforms, although my main one is the Xbox 360. So most games I review will be played via Xbox 360, unless it is exclusive to another platform, or maybe because I bought it on another platform first due to certain CEs, or maybe even because I picked it up cheaply - but in no way does that mean that I dislike the other consoles.

I'm no fanboy... [Or wait, should that be, fangirl?].

Anyway, yeah - I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I'm gonna enjoy updating it!

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, etc - and also, visit my YouTube channel here, and my Facebook page here.

Au revoir!


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