Friday, 27 April 2012

Today is gonna be a good day!

Originally, what I had planned for today was lots of tidying, followed by putting a movie on and working my way through the collection, taking individual shots and detailed shots of each and every thing in it. And not just a standard "front cover" shot. I was gonna take a photo of the front, back and sides, and then individual pics of each item included in each CE, so I could get my database up and running.

But plans have changed.

I was up until about 1.30am this morning, desperately trying to get AJ (my son) to sleep. So, couple that with the fact he got me up at 7.30am this morning, I am shattered!

But no, on any other day, that would have been fine - but today - today, I need my sleep. Because tonight...

Tonight I'm going to see Avengers Assemble (seriously? Why didn't they just keep it titled as "The Avengers"? Nobodies gonna confuse it with that old 60s British show!) at around about midnight. So I need to get some sleep before then to ensure I stay up for the whole movie!

Not that it matters really.

I've got tickets for the D-Box seats. Y'know, the ones that vibrate and shake to make it feel like you're in the movie? Yeah, those ones. So even if I do feel tired, they'll probably jerk me back into being wide awake.

I honestly cannot wait!

So until I'm back from seeing it, there probably won't be another post here, since I'll be doing a little bit of tidying up, and then getting AJ ready to go to his granny's tonight (who has kindly stepped in to babysit on very short notice!) So yeah, looking forward to it, and who knows?

Maybe you'll even get a review out of it ;)

Bye for now!


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