Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Apologies for my absence.

Have been gone for the past few days, well, not gone - but not here updating.

Have been busy for the past few days, as you know on Friday night/Saturday morning I was at the 3D showing of Avengers Assemble (sigh, stupid name) in D-Box seats, courtesy of Glasgow Comic Con - which, I kid you not - was AMAZING.

I will do a review on it later on tonight!

Then after that, all day Saturday, I was shattered. Being up from 6am the previous morning, and not getting to bed until 3am really knocked it out of me. So I spent most of Saturday in a sleepy, barely alive, state.

Since then, I have been planning things for this site, and taking photographs of the collection (for your viewing pleasure!), and that has fairly taken up my time.

Still not even one quarter of the way through, but hopefully I will have done a decent enough amount by tonight to upload for you all.

So bye for now!


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