Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Yes, you read the title correctly. It's time for an update :D


Yeah, so figured I'd do an update tonight, just gonna do a very basic one since it's gonna be the first one I include photos from the collection in. So be warned, it's just gonna be an overview, no photo-unboxings tonight :)

Anyway, the collection is growing at a rate of noughts and it's getting hard to keep it under control. I no longer have enough space on shelves to accommodate particular games/franchises and have them together. I also no longer have enough shelves to accommodate all of the different games I own! But oh well, I'll just have to buy more shelves soon then, won't I?

Especially since I had a look through everything I've got preordered over the next few months, and it's coming to a total of £1650 (approx). And that's not even including the CEs/games/movies that have yet to be announced/made available for preorder. EEK!

So, check back in an hour or so for the photo update :)!


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