Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Update 30/5/12.

Okay, so here is my first collection photo-update. I apologize in advance for the mess of some of my shelves (and my floor!) as I am running out of display space faster than you can even imagine. I tried to neaten up a couple of the shelves as best as I could, but some shelves I am just downright refusing to show at the moment!

So here it is, my collection!

Okay, so there is my Halo shelf. Right at the top. On it, you can see my Halo Reach Legendary Edition statue, a few Halo Mega Bloks figures, a signed copy of Halo ODST, slipcover copy of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, the Limited Edition part of of the Halo Reach Legendary Edition, a promo Halo Wars steelbook, the Halo Wars Limited Edition, and of course my Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Wow. That was a lot of words in one sentence!

Ahh, my Gears of War and Batman shelves. So pretty :) Okay, on the top shelf, there is my Gears of War 2 Limited Collector's Edition - which is in okay condition considering it's age, (and the fact that Allan owned it prior to collecting!) but definitely in need of replacing. Next to that is the Gears of War 3 Futureshop Midnight Launch steelbook, alongside a GOW Curb Stomp First Aid Kit preorder bonus, then my Marcus Fenix statue from the Epic Edition of GOW3, another preorder bonus, this time a GOW3 Beanie Hat, lastly followed by two things that are VERY difficult to see in the crappy lighting: the artbook from the Epic Edition, as well as the Limited Edition contents that were also included in the Epic Ed.

Next is the Batman shelf, collaborating both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City into one glorious grouping. Arkham City Collector's Edition (for Xbox 360, but I've taken the paper off to show the gorgeous Kotokibuya statue off better), the Arkham Asylum CE behind it, followed by an Arkham City comic, the Arkham City press kit, an Arkham City 2012 calendar (bought for me by the lovely Katrin at Christmas), then on the right hand side you can almost make out the packaging for my Arkham City promo t-shirt, OST and a little Joker card from a tshirt. And at the front (bad angle for these) are the four Arkham City steelbooks, (in no particular order) Two Face, Catwoman, Joker and Penguin. Oh, and there is a little keyring in there somewhere too :P

Next up is a lovely attempt at showing my clearly fantastic photography skills (LOL). I'm tired, okay!?

Top shelf is Mortal Kombat based, and includes the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition, UK Kollector's Edition, US Kollector's Edition, aswell as the Futureshop exclusive steelbook (G2) and the Mortal Kombat movies.

Beneath is my Elder Scrolls shelf, showcasing my Skyrim CE with the Alduin statue on the left (and the Skyrim CE Artbook on the left of that, but I don't think you can see it at all!), and the digipak (also included in said CE) right beside it. In front of the digipak is a faux leather notebook with Skyrim detailing, which was included in the Australian EBGames exclusive CE, as was the Steelbook to the right of it, and behind the steelbook is the nice outer box that CE came in. To the far right are two Oblivion editions: one from the original release of the game, the Collector's Edition, and the more recently released 5th Anniversary steelbook :)

To all you eagle eyed people who can see a coin in front of those, it is not the coin from the Oblivion CE (that coin is still in the box), it is actually a replica prop coin from Xmen First Class. I have no idea why it's actually on that shelf to be honest!

Top right of my shelves and you will see some PS3 exclusive titles. Killzone 3 Helghast Edition at the top left (which includes a steelbook that I managed to get the lovely people over at Guerrilla Games to sign for me!) and the little Helghast figure from the game. To the right of those is my Nathan Drake figure, which was included in the Explorer Edition, and the chest (also included in the Explorer Ed.), both of which are extremely great quality and look fantastic :)

Shelf below, you can see my signed God of War III Ultimate Edition box, aswell as the Pandora's Box to the far right which was included in that edition. In the centre, is a rather odd fellow. I have no idea what it is, other than the fact that Allan and I stumbled across it at a car boot sale and he HAD to have it as he had one when he was little. It's reasoning for being on the shelf? To keep it out of reach of AJ. And behind that you will see my Uncharted 3 bag (and behind that is my signed Dead Rising Servbot mug, which will be getting displayed proudly as soon as I get more shelves!).

Y'know what guys? I am shattered. So I'm actually going to head off to bed now, and will continue this update tomorrow. 

See you then!


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