Friday, 18 May 2012


Didn't realise how difficult it would be to keep this updated, but I suppose, with a toddler running around (and me running after him!), it's probably to be expected!

So, sorry guys!

I'll do my best to do updates regularly, as I've still been taking lots of collection photos, since I can do those quite quickly when AJ goes down for a nap, so I do actually have content on the way! It's just the actual uploading of said content that I'm lacking in ;)

Anyway. I received my Risen 2 Dark Waters Keg edition yesterday, and my oh my, it is gorgeous. Planning to do a little unboxing for you all today, since it's one of the rarer editions out there (and I've got an awesomely low number!).

My Max Payne 3 Special Edition should be here today aswell, so may also get in a quick unboxing of that if I have the time.

Don't think I have any other CEs due to arrive today, so those two should be it for now :)

So check back later, and I should (hopefully) have an unboxing update!


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