Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Wow, so many good games announced and also given new trailers and gameplay footage for games we were already anticipating. Most seem to be for a 2013 release, so I better start saving up now! Money is gonna be pretty damn tight next year by the looks of it :P

At least that means this year is gonna stay quite quiet in terms of CEs, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because I have less to buy, therefore saves me some money and/or prevents me from missing out on some CEs, but bad because I get less CEs!

Overall, I think I'm glad most are for next year.

What games really stood out for you? Two have really caught my eye. The new Tomb Raider, which, I already expected would look amazing from previous trailers, but oh my, it's just sensational!

And the second one, is Watch_dogs. The first part of the trailer had me sitting there like, what? CtOS? What's this? I sat there with my mouth wide open, wondering what on earth it was going to lead into. And I'll admit, I was expecting a boring phone-hack game, or some sort of SimCity styled game where you just turn off lights and hack into phones from a distance. So was feeling kinda "meh". But this is Ubisoft we're talking about! Surely it couldn't be that.

And bam, gameplay footage. WOOOOOWWW. Amazing graphics, stunning gameplay, and such a fantastic premise for a game. This is one game I cannot wait to play!

So Ubisoft, please can we have a Collector's Edition for it? Pleeeeeeeeease! Or at least something cool and collectable for it? You know you want to...

So let me know what games really stood out for you so far :)


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