Tuesday, 31 July 2012


As I mentioned yesterday, my son has been unwell recently.

But, my oh my, he was sick again this morning, and wow. The house... REEKS.

He has finally gone for a little nap, so I think it is time to clean up a little, put on a washing, do some dishes and then hopefully get back on here for some more posts!

Might even post a couple more pics for ya!


Monday, 30 July 2012

Things are getting messy in the Asylum!

My son is unwell today.

Hasn't been well for the past couple of days actually.

He keeps being sick everywhere. Pretty vile, if I'm being honest.

So sorry if I'm gone for a bit...

It's hard work trying to wade through all the sick, just to get to the damn keyboard.


Time for a moan.

Well guys, as you know, I'm off to Germany next month.

Going to Gamescom with my boyfriend and two of my friends. I really can't wait.

I just wish I'd have gotten more time to save up some spending money.

Can't really complain though, can I?

I kinda wish I had saved some of the money I got for my birthday (which was a few weeks ago), as that would have been a good help.

Don't you just hate when you're expecting something (not in a cheeky way) for your birthday, yet you never get it?

I received stuff from lots of people, all of which I'm extremely grateful for... but it kinda sucks when you've been told that your present or card/money or whatever is on the way, yet you somehow never receive it.

And it's not like it's been a fault at the post office or anything. As you've received the birthday card, and seen the person/people since. They just seem to have conveniently forgotten. 

I mean, fair enough, people can't always afford to give stuff for birthdays and whatever. But if you can afford to go on holiday, or buy this, that and the next thing, I'm sure you can afford a tenner on a little something.


Does that make me a bitch?

It feels like it does.

Especially since you spend time/money on getting stuff for other people, only to receive nothing back. I know you don't give purely to receive. But, it's not like I want anything super amazing. 

It's the thought that counts after all.


I shall shut up now about that, since I'm getting myself all angry. LOL.

What a loser.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Okay, it's about time I did an update. This isn't everything I've gotten recently, just a portion (tired, and couldn't be bothered taking more pics, or decent pics tbh haha).

Some are from my birthday (a few weeks ago) and some are just other recent purchases :)

Will take better (and more detailed) images in a day or two. Far too tired now, so can't be bothered ;)

Dead Island Promo Disc.

Uncharted Press Kit.

Dead Island AUS CE.

Halo 2 Steelbook.

Prince of Persia Steelbook (ignore the weird reflection haha).

Dead Island Russian CE.

Dead Island NZ CE.

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Konami Style 3DS Bundle.

inFamous Press Kit [incomplete - missing sleeve & demo disc].

inFamous 2 Press Kit [incomplete - missing envelope].

Portal 2 Cube Edition [number 0980].

Dead Island Promo Flip flops.

Uncharted 3 Asian Steelbook [sealed].

Goldeneye 007 Steelbook, apologies for awful pic [sealed].

London 2012 Steelbook pack, really dark pic, sorry! [sealed].


Sunday, 22 July 2012


Holy sh*t.

My boyfriend introduced me to this game yesterday after reading about it online. 

I downloaded it, installed it and ran it.

I've never been so scared in my life.

Now, I love a good horror movie. And I love a good, creepy story or ten. And don't even get me started on creepy games. They're great. But this...? This is just something else...

You start the game, and all you see is a path, forest and a beam of light coming from your flashlight. When you walk, you hear the crunch of the gravel beneath your feet, and a simple message flashes on screen suggesting to you that there are 8 pages lying around, and you've to find them.

Seems quite creepy as is, and solitary. Oh, so solitary. Something about the background noise and the fact you are alone (or so you think) in a forest, it's just... unsettling.

So, off you go, searching for these 8 pages you've been told to find. Once you find the first one (which is usually on a very odd looking, crooked tree) loud, booming footsteps will resound throughout the forest. Seeming to follow you.

With each second page you find, another creepy noise is added (so on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th pages) and with each page (all of them), "he" will get more intent on catching you.

"He" is the Slenderman. 

Invented on the Something Awful forums, on a thread entitled "Create Paranormal Images", the Slenderman is an unusually tall (ranges from 9-16 feet in height), black suited man, with limbs that can stretch to ensnare children and kill adults by ripping open their chests, removing their organs and putting the organs into a plastic bag, before reinserting them (inside the plastic bag) into the body, and then hanging in a tree (usually impaled on a branch). He also varies between having normal humanoid limbs (two arms, two legs) to having more (similar to a spider).

Created by a member known as "Victor Surge" the Slenderman appears to mainly lurk in forests, due to his tall, thin appearance allowing him to easily blend in with trees. Although other images created of him show him lurking in neighbourhoods, with a shorter stature (albeit still bizarrely tall), usually in close proximity of children, or areas children would be found (parks, houses, etc).

The Slenderman of the game still has the strange, tall physique - but lacks the extra limbs that some interpretations of him had. He is faceless, and not really scary looking. But creepy as hell.

As you walk/run through the forest, examining everywhere for the pages, you may come across him a few times. He will be standing watching you, and if you look at him, your screen will go fuzzy (think of old TV static?) and the static noise will get louder the longer you look at him/the closer to him you get.

If you see him... RUN.

You can run out of breath, so try to keep your energy for times when you encounter him - although they are random, but seem to happen more frequently if you have a shaky hand on the mouse, and I've also heard you can run out of batteries for your flashlight, but I'm unsure as to how true that is.

I urge anyone who hasn't played to go download it now and play (it's free to download and play anyway) and see how many pages you can get, before he gets YOU.

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy hunting ;)


Finally home!

Hey guys!

Sorry for my absence the past few days. I've been away from home, at my cousin's wedding, so haven't had internet access or anything until I got home yesterday (and then friends came over so still couldn't really get on to post)!

Will be posting some nice updates today since I've yet to post the photos of my birthday goodies, and I've also gotten some other things since.

Will also be posting my The Amazing Spider-Man review today, as I am officially done with it.

Not done in the sense of 100% complete. Well, it is - in the sense of completing the game, gathering all collectables, taking all photographs and unlocking all Spidey suits. But I have two achievements left to get, completing the game on Hero and Super-Hero difficulty levels. And I am stuck about 3/4 of the way through.

So I give up for now.

So the review will be done without those two achievements :P

So check back later!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This isn't really an update or anything.

Just contemplating changing the look of this place. I mean, I love purple and black...

But I dunno...

Any suggestions?


Whoa, guys.

Sorry for the lack of updates the past two days.

The night I was supposed to do it, I ended up feeling quite sick - and ended up in bed early, so never got round to doing the update.

Then yesterday, I thought: "Right, I'll get that update done as soon as I get home, and then I can get working on something for my next update."

Well, that seemed like it would have happened. Only, something else did...

Whilst in town, I checked facebook on my phone and noticed that Zavvi had made a status update requesting that everybody who entered their Far Cry 3 competition should check their emails. So, there I go, logging onto my emails and low and behold, no emails.


On my way home, I realised that I can't check my junk box on my phone. I started to think "Holy sh*t. It's gonna be me that has won, but its in my junk box" - but the closer I got to home, the more I doubted it. But at the same time, I had that niggling feeling in the back of my mind saying "It's you, you've won!".

So, the second I got in the front door, I grabbed my laptop and logged onto my emails and clicked straight for the Junk folder.

And there it was.

An email titled "Zavvi Gamescom Winner".

Heart racing, I clicked the email - and realised it was actually the second I'd received. The first one had been received 4 days previous, but again, in my junk folder - so hadn't noticed. It was 3pm, and the email said I had to reply by 5pm or else another winner would be chosen.

I've never replied to an email so fast in my life.

So yeah, my mind ended up all over the place last night. 

I won tickets for me and three friends to go to Gamescom in Germany (for all four days), flights there, flights back and accommodation in a 4 star hotel for the four nights.

Needless to say, I'm over the moon. 

I've never been to Germany before, so really looking forward to it.

Sadly though, I've had to cancel some August preorders so that I'll have some spending money to take with me (since it's only a month away!).

But I'm sure it will be worth it!

Check back later for my long awaited update ;)


Sunday, 15 July 2012


Hoping to have my "The Amazing Spider-Man" review done by tonight. Just got a few more collectibles to find and then I'll get to work on the review :)

Also, hoping to get some photos of a couple of my new things uploaded tonight. 

In fact... I will get some photos uploaded tonight. I'm not gonna let myself slack off on this anymore!

I'll upload some photos from the following new additions in my collection:
- Dead Island Limited Edition (Australian Exclusive).
- Dead Island Limited Edition (Russian Exclusive).
- Dead Island Limited Edition (New Zealand Exclusive).
- Dead Island Promo Disc & Flip Flops.
- Metal Gear Solid Konami Style Exclusive 3DS Bundle.
- Uncharted 3 Asian Steelbook.

And maybe a few more if I can find the time :)

Check back later!
And I mean it this time...


Friday, 13 July 2012

New additions to the collection!


The rest of my birthday presents arrived yesterday - all the way from Australia. Had lots of fun opening them up and looking through them, so just need to clean off some sticker residue from one of the items and then get some pictures taken!

Will be doing a review on The Amazing Spider-Man game either today or tomorrow, as believe it or not, I have pretty much 100%'d the game! 

Only have a couple of achievements left to get and then I'll do a review.

Normally, I'd do a review before I've completed a game, so that the review is up on the interwebz nice and early - but I've struggled to tear myself away from this one, I love it!

Check back later for some pictures and hopefully a review.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


It was my birthday on Saturday.

Was pretty boring if I'm being honest. Some friends were supposed to be staying over but they ended up not coming, so I was kinda gutted.

A couple of old friends came over for an hour or so, which was good. Had a chat, played a game, y'know - the usual stuff.

And then back to boring-ness. 

Didn't even get a cake!

Oh well. At least I got some nice presents :) So I'm definitely due for doing an update. Especially since I was due an update more than a month ago before I stopped posting here! And I've gained lots more stuff since then.

Keep an eye out for my update. Hoping to get some photos done each day for the next little while (week or so, tops... hopefully) and then I'll upload them all together (still waiting on some presents arriving).


Well, hello there!

It's been over a month since my last post, guys! 


Time to get back to doing this up. 

Well, as some of you may have noticed, there's been a name change here - I unknowingly was infringing a copyright with my last domain name so have had to change it for legal reasons. 

But welcome, once again, to the NEW and IMPROVED...

Collecting Asylum!

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but oh well. What can you do, eh?


Asylum Reviews: Party Hard 2 [Xbox One].

After really enjoying the first Party Hard, I was desperate for more. And when PH2 was released in 2018 I was so excited, but it wasn’t...