Monday, 23 July 2012

Okay, it's about time I did an update. This isn't everything I've gotten recently, just a portion (tired, and couldn't be bothered taking more pics, or decent pics tbh haha).

Some are from my birthday (a few weeks ago) and some are just other recent purchases :)

Will take better (and more detailed) images in a day or two. Far too tired now, so can't be bothered ;)

Dead Island Promo Disc.

Uncharted Press Kit.

Dead Island AUS CE.

Halo 2 Steelbook.

Prince of Persia Steelbook (ignore the weird reflection haha).

Dead Island Russian CE.

Dead Island NZ CE.

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Konami Style 3DS Bundle.

inFamous Press Kit [incomplete - missing sleeve & demo disc].

inFamous 2 Press Kit [incomplete - missing envelope].

Portal 2 Cube Edition [number 0980].

Dead Island Promo Flip flops.

Uncharted 3 Asian Steelbook [sealed].

Goldeneye 007 Steelbook, apologies for awful pic [sealed].

London 2012 Steelbook pack, really dark pic, sorry! [sealed].


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