Monday, 30 July 2012

Time for a moan.

Well guys, as you know, I'm off to Germany next month.

Going to Gamescom with my boyfriend and two of my friends. I really can't wait.

I just wish I'd have gotten more time to save up some spending money.

Can't really complain though, can I?

I kinda wish I had saved some of the money I got for my birthday (which was a few weeks ago), as that would have been a good help.

Don't you just hate when you're expecting something (not in a cheeky way) for your birthday, yet you never get it?

I received stuff from lots of people, all of which I'm extremely grateful for... but it kinda sucks when you've been told that your present or card/money or whatever is on the way, yet you somehow never receive it.

And it's not like it's been a fault at the post office or anything. As you've received the birthday card, and seen the person/people since. They just seem to have conveniently forgotten. 

I mean, fair enough, people can't always afford to give stuff for birthdays and whatever. But if you can afford to go on holiday, or buy this, that and the next thing, I'm sure you can afford a tenner on a little something.


Does that make me a bitch?

It feels like it does.

Especially since you spend time/money on getting stuff for other people, only to receive nothing back. I know you don't give purely to receive. But, it's not like I want anything super amazing. 

It's the thought that counts after all.


I shall shut up now about that, since I'm getting myself all angry. LOL.

What a loser.



  1. Hey V, nice blog. You are going to Gamescom? Man, that's cool. I need to attend one of these conventions sometime. Good luck with the pics by the way!

  2. Thanks :) Yeah, I won the tickets in a competition. Really looking forward to it :D

  3. Cool! That's a nice prize. Have fun and take plenty of pictures!


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