Saturday, 11 August 2012

Counting down the days...

On Wednesday morning, I will be en route to Gamescom.

I am SO excited.

This will be my very first games convention, so it's consuming my every thought right now, if I'm being honest.

Now, don't worry. I will be attending every day of Gamescom, including the first day (which is exclusive to trade and media visitors!).

Hoping to find out lots of information on games that are set for release, and hopefully some new announcements (although, no promises there). If anything does get announced whilst I'm there, I'll be sure to have it on here as quick as possible (especially as the hotel I'm staying in has free WiFi, yeah!).

I'm also hoping that there will be lots of things for me to buy whilst there, although I've been told that it's mainly just trying out new games, and not so much shopping. But that's fine by me, too! 

Really looking forward to trying out lots of new titles. I think Assassin's Creed III will be playable whilst there, so majorly looking forward to that! Also hoping that I'll get to try out the likes of ZombiU, Tomb Raider and Halo 4 whilst there. Heck. Anything will do me, I love them all!

Taking as much spending money with me as possible, have sadly had to cancel most of my preorders from this month, but that isn't actually as bad as I'd been expecting.

I had planned to cancel most, if not all of this month's preorders to allow me spending money, but I've actually only had to cancel Risen 2 CE (which I was gutted about, but I already have the Risen 2 Keg CE anyway) and a few movie steels, as I am keeping my Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs and Super Mario Bros 2 preorders. And the other handful I had left are right at the end of the month, so can be cancelled when I'm home if I spend all my money, or kept if I come home with money!

Hoping to come home with at least some of my spending money, so I can buy the couple I cancelled at the start of the month, and keep the ones at the end.

But, if my money is needed in Germany, due to lots of nice things being on sale, then so be it! Either way, I win!

So keep an eye out for updates whilst I'm there, and check back for a few updates before I leave too (hoping to get some things photographed and/or reviewed before I go)


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