Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gamescom Update #1.

Okay, so by now you ALL must know that I was in Germany the past week attending Gamescom. It was amazing.

I mean, just wow. It's the first gaming convention I've ever been to, so I didn't know what to expect, at all. But any expectations I did have, whoa. Totally blown out of the water.

One thing I was a little disappointed at though, was the lack of freebies. I was imagining that there would be tonnes going around, when in reality, there wasn't that many.

I did manage to snag myself an Ubi-goodie-bag :D

A bag filled with some Ubisoft goodies... What more could you want!?

The bag itself was a shiny, thick paper bag, with Anno Online, Might & Magic Heroes Online, Die Siedler Online and Silent Hunter Online all printed onto it. Inside, was a really awesome Assassin's Creed III flag (which was surprisingly good quality), "medication" from Far Cry III (actually a tub of jelly beans) and little cards with Beta Keys on for Silent Hunter Online. Oh, and a free resealable can of Relentless. Woo!

I desperately wanted one of those flags, so as soon as that bag came within my reach, there was no way that anybody was getting it off of me.

Anyway, enough of the freebie-talk (especially since I received that bag on day three!), and onto the actual Gamescom update, from the beginning.

Well, our flight from Glasgow to Amsterdam was due to leave at 6AM, but was delayed... which unfortunately meant that we missed our connecting flight from Amsterdam to Cologne, leaving us stranded in Amsterdam for 7 hours. Understandably, the four of us (myself, Allan and two of my friends), were pretty unhappy.

The holiday had already gone off to a bad start. By the time we reached Cologne, we had missed the entire first day of the convention (the day the public was not allowed into). 

That day would have given us VERY valuable gaming time!

So yeah, we were pissed.

Once we touched down in Cologne, there was no point even heading over to Koelnmesse for the convention, as the day was already over. So, we headed to our hotel. 

Best Western Köln.

A four star hotel, in Cologne. We were so excited. But, to be honest, it wasn't at all what we were expecting. Not for a four star hotel, anyway.

The rooms were nice, yes. But, plain.

And no kettle, which confused us somewhat (although, come to think of it, kettles in hotel rooms might be a British thing?), anyway, I digress.

The hotel was a 500 metre walk from the train station that we then came to know quite well. Kalk Kappelle train station. It was from there, every morning, that we'd catch the number 1 or number 9 train over to Deutz Messe train station, right in front of Koelnmesse - the location of Gamescom!

The second day of being in Germany, we finally got to enter the convention (after the previous days mishaps). We headed over there, to see thousands of people, patiently (and some, not so patiently) queuing/standing in crowds, inside the convention, waiting to be let through the gates to enter.

My heart sank.

I walked over to the desk and we showed our passes, and the girls told us to just go right through. So we worked our way through the crowd, getting early access to the convention.

I can still feel the hatred.

We walked in, and headed straight for Hall 9. We didn't really know what was awaiting us, but we chose to go in there first anyway (mostly since it was closest, and we were already confused by the building's layout).

In there, I was in awe. The big displays, giant booths with massive signs detailing which game was hidden away inside. We all hurried over to the Batman area, and walked into a room which appeared to be letting you try out the Harley Quinn's revenge DLC. I clicked it and then realised that there were controllers to play on, too.

Far too excited for my own good.

We quickly finished up in there, and my two friends ran over to play Worms Revolution, whilst Allan and I scurried round to the Injustice booth.

I'm not a regular fighting game player. I rarely play them. Mainly due to the fact that I suck at them...

But Injustice really grabbed my attention (okay, so Harley did. Can you tell I love her!?), and amazingly, I kicked Allan's ass. Twice.

I was so proud, but got a little cocky over it, and in round three, he came back with a vengeance, and totally destroyed me. Gah, at least I can say I bet him.

We then had quick (and I mean quick!) shots of both Arkham City Armoured Edition (on the WiiU) and Worms Revolution. AC Armoured Edition was good. I didn't play too long on it, as we had to meet back up with E & L (my friends) before the crowds started to pour in, but yeah. I really liked the look of it. I was also pretty happy with the WiiU controller. Not too light, not too heavy. A good weight. Doesn't feel cheap, and has a nice sheen to it. And I was worried about the size, as I'm 5 foot tall, so you can imagine the tiny hands I have, but no, it still felt okay. Felt a bit bigger than an Xbox controller, but not by too much, (but I didn't have one there to compare, so don't quote me on that!) so was a decent size overall, and still nice and easily playable for me. 

Worms Revolution was a weird one for me.

I only got into Worms recently, after my friends introduced me to it. So, I've been played Worms 2 pretty frequently. Worms Revolution is VERY different. But, in a good way.

A vastly bigger arsenal, and much brighter visuals. Worms can also now go through water without dying the second they touch it, but now just lose some health the longer that they are submerged (but health will stop depleting once out of the water again).

I struggled slightly though, as all the information for Worms was in German, so some of the new weapons were of no use to me, as I couldn't figure out what they were and what they'd do, but overall, a very enjoyable new addition to Team 17's Worms franchise.

We spent the rest of our first day in Gamescom wandering around, trying to scout out the locations and also enjoying some local German food (Currywursts are just to die for!), before heading back to our hotel, with our feet in agony from all of the day's walking.

A great day overall, but the best was yet to come!


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