Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition.

I received this CE a few weeks ago now, and my God, it's amazing.

I've yet to set it up on my PC (due to lack of time), so I've yet to play the game, but believe me, I'll be getting stuck in soon hopefully!

The CE is extremely large. Much larger than I was expecting, actually. Despite all description pages on websites stating the height of the figure... I'm just obviously not as smart as I like to think I am (haha!)

So yes, the CE comes in a large white box, with a transparent window in front.

The back of the box is black, and states all of the contents that you will find hidden away inside this box (and believe me, there is quite a lot of lovely things)

Here is a little size comparison shot to show you how it measures up compared to the UK copy of Darksiders 2 Collector's Edition (apologies for the boxes in the background, too many CEs, not enough shelf space!)

Pretty f*ckin' huge, eh!?

So yeah, this is definitely a pretty large CE, and sure is worth the price (RRP £130).

Okay, so once you break the seals (circle seals again), you open up the flap top to reveal this underneath:

Bloody moulded plastic.

I really hate that stuff, as more often than not with me, it actually does end up bloody (my fingers must like being ripped open by the stuff!). Luckily, this time - no accidents :)

All you need to do it lift the figure out, and this is what he looks like up close...

Ain't he a beaut!

A word of warning, the spikes on the figure (such as teeth, claws, shoulder spikes, etc) are very sharp. So need to be careful around those.

Here is his sword up close:

His top half:

And his bottom half:

And a nice little shot of his face, for good measure:

Okay, I lied when I said a "nice" shot of his face. He's actually pretty angry looking. I think he may kill me...

I've yet to actually take him out of the moulded plastic, as look what's holding him in:

Those stupid little plastic ties. I hate them. But, I suppose at least I don't feel bad about keeping him boxed, especially as I have no room to display him anyway, and the big window on the front of the box still means I get to show him off (hehe).

There was some cardboard round him inside the box, which can also be taken out, and almost forms a scene around him, as seen in the next picture:

I know, I know. The moulded plastic ruins it.

Once he is out of the box (aswell as the cardboard scene) this is what's left:

Doesn't look like much, but hidden under that cardboard sheet is the next part of this CE. I should add that the cardboard sheets also has "leg" parts on each of the four sides, to stop it from sitting directly on top of what is underneath, and to prevent the Rytlock figure from squashing the goodies underneath, too.

This, is the glorious part, hidden in that compartment *heavenly sounds*

It's lovely, isn't it?

A nice, big, GW2 tin. Containing the rest of the contents of this CE. I love it. Under the tin lid, there is an A4 folder with some art prints in, one white photo-frame, with an art print already in it (but that you can switch out with any of the others from the folder), some codes for in-games items, the serial number for your copy of the game, the game (of course), a wonderful hardcover art book and a physical soundtrack (oh how I love these! More companies need to stick with physical OSTs instead of digital). 

Here are the rest of those images, I'm sure you'll love them:

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the photos!


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