Friday, 24 August 2012

Mother of God.

Okay, so whilst browsing Amazon this morning, looking for anything nice I may come across (which would also depress me since I've no money!), I found this...

The spawn of the Devil.


Now, I'm guessing most of you will know what it is, but holy crap. Why are they bringing them back!? They creep the hell out of me. Granted, I did have one myself back in the 90s, a white one with black spots, but it still scared the sh*t out of me.

So, you can imagine my terror seeing this thing on Amazon this morning. And all for the bargain price of £59.99... Wait, WHAT!? They surely can't have been that expensive first time round, can they?

I'm sure all the young 'uns (coming from a 20 year old, sheesh!) will love and cherish one of these... Or like me, flee in terror from the damn thing, but yeah, I can see this being the fad of this year.

But I pray I'm wrong.

Available in a few colours (six to be precise), these hard lumps of fur and mechanics will scare the living daylights out of your children, dogs, cats... and probably yourself. Especially when they bizarrely start "speaking".

Anyway, I think I better go hide now... before they find me.


(If you are mad enough to want/buy one, here's the link *shudder* )

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