Thursday, 27 September 2012


This has NOT been my month for collecting. It's pissing me off something awful.

Start of the month, I received 4 steelbooks from, 2 were damaged. Wasn't happy, but it was the first time I'd ever received something damaged, so wasn't too angry. Outer box was mint, so obviously happened prior to dispatch. Got replacements, so all good.

Second, I received my Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set. In a giant box (way too big for the item within), with NO packaging. Oh wait, sorry. A handful of airbags. All burst. And the outer slipcover was scuffed. No chance was I shipping this back to the US at my own cost. So I figured I'd just accept it and be glad it wasn't worse. (Have also contacted Capcom in the hope they will send me a replacement slipcover, but not holding my breath)

Mid-month, received my Tekken Tag Tournament 2 We Are Tekken Edition from Arrived in a white bubblewrap envelope. Came completely destroyed. Contacted GAME and they arranged a replacement to be sent out once they receive the copy back from me. Sent it, and nearly a week later, they claimed still hadn't received it. I gave them proof of postage, so they then dispatched a replacement. Was told the replacement would be sent in a box, to prevent further damage. Almost a week goes by again, by which point I'd received items from America and France (which were shipped after this). But still not received this, from ENGLAND. Finally received it, another few days later. In a f*cking white bubble envelope, AGAIN. Luckily it wasn't damaged, but still. Was not a happy bunny.

Yesterday I received a letter through the door demanding that I pay £25.30 in customs fees for my The Walking Dead Season 2 Limited Edition BluRay set (y'know, the one with the Zombie head). The set only cost me £50~ to begin with. So now it has cost me £75. Grr.

And this morning I received that set, no packaging again, inside the box. But luckily it was double boxed, so came perfectly fine (minus those £25.30 in fees).

And just now, I've received my copy of Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition, a whole day early. I was so excited. Only to then notice that I'd just been handed it in a white bubble envelope. My heart sank. And it sank even further once I'd opened it. A tear in the slipcover. I figured I'd just accept that though, since white bubble envelopes usually mean death to a CE. Especially a metal one. But once opened, I just wanted to scream. Tin all dented in. Thanks,! At least after 20 minutes on hold to ShopTo, and a further 2 minutes of talking to them, they have agreed to send out a replacement. Once they receive the damaged copy back. Plus they'll reimburse the return shipping. So I'm going all out. Next day delivery, bitches. I want my replacement ASAP.


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  1. Yeahh Go V ! ;D
    Sorry To Hear You're Having Problems, F***cking Bubblewrap Envelopes ...

    Funny Story, I Once Order Fallout 3 Ce And Starcraft 2 CE From Amazon And Then Have Them Boxed Up For Fly To Dubai .. After 5 Months They Came In Post Open With Dents And Tear Marks ...

    I Even Order Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition It Was Like They Drag It On Asphalt All The Way To Iran .. *Sigh* Big Mistake ..

    Hoping The Replacements Be Better .

    K .


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