Thursday, 13 September 2012

Risen 2 CE Comparison.

Okay, so today I am doing a comparison of the two editions of Risen 2 that I own. The very lovely Keg Edition (exclusive to Poland, Czech Republic, etc) and the just as lovely (okay, slightly less) Stahlbarts Schatz (Steelbeard's Treasure) edition (exclusive to

I received the Risen 2 Keg Edition a few months ago, after someone pointed it out on (my home away from home!) and quickly arranged for somebody to assist me in acquiring it, as it is a beauty of a CE. Wasn’t very expensive, at all, for what it is (but this is quite a universal aspect for all CEs exclusive to that part of the world, lucky so-and-sos!). Only cost me around £80-90 all in (including shipping) and considering that it comes in a real wooden keg, is just amazing.

The Stahlbarts Schatz edition, on the other hand, I received much more recently (within the past couple of weeks) and was a impulse purchase upon my return from Gamescom. Okay. Well, not so much impulse purchase, more of a “I had to cancel my Risen 2 CE to have money for Gamescom and I’ve come home with money so I’ll go one better and get that” purchase. Ahem.

Exclusive to, it is a very nice CE, although would have been much better if it were made out of real wood, like it’s Keg counterpart. Regardless, it is very nice, and much larger than I was expecting, also full of content, and for a pretty good price - also around £80-90 including shipping (for those who are interested, it has since dropped in price by around €20-30, which I was not best pleased about).

Anyway, over to the comparisons!

First off, from the outside, this is how they look:

Once you open, this is how the inside is laid out on each version:

This is the inside of the lid in the Stahlbarts Schatz edition:

The front of the Keg Edition has a nice little plaque on it, with the number of your copy engraved in it. Mine is number 004! 

The front of it opens with a little latch:

The Stahlbarts Schatz edition opens with two flaps at the front with have velcro pads on them. Quite nice, but not nearly as lavish as the Keg.

Both editions contain a Gnome, and both are packaged differently within their boxes. The Stahlbarts Schatz edition has the Gnome packaged inside a moulded plastic "shell" to protect it, whereas the Gnome within the Keg is just loose. Both Gnomes have a little feather for their hats, the one on the left having it housed within the plastic "shell" and the one on the right has it in a little ziplock type bag.

On first glance, the Gnomes are the same, but upon closer inspection, they have minor differences. 

For instance, the one on the right (from the Keg edition) is darker, and the Risen 2 logo is painted slightly differently (obviously this could be down to handpainting, for instance) aswell as the little ribbon under Risen 2 being a lighter red than it's Stahlbarts Schatz counterpart.

Also, more detail seems to have gone into the painting of the Keg edition's Gnome, as it's skin is not as plain looking as the Stahlbarts Schatz variant.

Another thing I spotted upon closer inspection is that the raised arms on both Gnomes are placed slightly differently, too. The Stahlbarts Schatz version's hand is further away from it's face/hat than the Keg version's hand is.

Here's a photo of the Gnomes with the feathers in their hats :)

Like the Keg edition, the Stahlbarts Schatz edition is also numbered, but this time just on a simple certificate inside the box.

I have number 2220/5760 :)

There is one difference between the editions that cannot really be compared, and that is the fact that one is Xbox 360 and one is PC. Both are available for all platforms, but originally both were PC only. However, at the point I ordered the PC Keg edition, there was talk about console versions being made. But due to the fact that the Keg edition is unbranded by which console it is made for, and comes in a generic white box that isn't really "sealed," me plus a few others speculated that the console Kegs would be repacks (since there were a few months between PC and console releases of Risen 2). Although, none of us have had any information to confirm or deny this.

The Xbox copy of the game comes in a standard keepcase/Amaray case and the PC copy comes in a nice slipcase (haven't actually opened the game yet so not sure if it's an Amaray or a digipak inside, but I assume digipak.

The PC version of Stahlbarts Schatz was available for ordering at the same time as the Keg edition, but due to only being able to afford one (as I run a tight budget each month!) I plumped for the Keg edition, as it was limited to a lower number and it looked better, overall.

I'm glad I did go for the Keg edition, as that meant that months later, once the Stahlbarts Schatz edition gained console variants, I was able to snag an Xbox 360 copy (to make up for me cancelling my UK CE of Risen 2 for Xbox 360). 

Both editions include a few overlapping items, such as:

A black and white Pirate flag (both unopened as I just know that once they're out, I won't get them back in).

They also both include a nice little folder full of art cards (and pretty decent quality might I add!)

They also both contain the same three stickers each, notice how the ones from the Keg (on the right) aren't as perfect as the ones on the left? That is due to the fact that the stickers are loose inside the keg and obviously round themselves to the shape of the Keg, whereas the others lie flat inside the chest.

A small pirate "skull and crossbones" pendant is also included in both (apologies, they really wouldn't photo well!)

Close up:

Also both include a Soundtrack and Making Of DVD.

Both also include some DLC code sheets:

Apologies for the sideways image...

And both editions also include a giant folded poster. I assume both are the same (double sided maybe?) but didn't want to unfold them, as like with the flags, once I unfold them, they'd never go back properly again.

The game, aswell as other contents from the Stahlbarts Schatz edition is housed inside a smaller box located inside the chest (essentially the same box as the UK CE):

And last but not least, there are two items that are included in the Stahlbarts Schatz edition that are not included in the Keg.

One is a guidebook for the game (unfortunately only in German, but that's to be expected):

(Again, apologies for that sideways pic!)

And second, a bone pen:

Overall, they are both very nice editions, and I'd recommend everybody to at least get one of them. If you have to choose though, and you can find it, the Keg would still be my first choice, as it simply has that "wow" factor when on display, that the Stahlbarts Schatz edition doesn't. But, if you have the money, then I'd say go for both! 

I hope you enjoyed my comparison of these two marvellous editions, and I hope you check back soon!



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