Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's a sad, sad night.

I have spent all day waiting on my Assassin's Creed III UbiWorkshop Edition. I've been SO excited for it, like you couldn't believe.

Every time the door went tonight, I was like "Yay, it's here"... Only it never was.

And now they've messaged me to say it's processing. I don't know what that means :(

It's so pathetic and whiney of me, but I actually want to cry. I just keep getting hit with shit lately. Owe some money to the government that I've to repay as they overpaid me Tax Credits (their fault, but I have to pay for it), I also forgot to cancel over £50 worth of games/movies which I couldn't afford to get, but now they're on their way - so nothing I can do about that right now, and also, when my UWS Edition arrives, I will have to pay around £25 in Customs Charges.

Not a happy bunny.

If only UbiWorkshop would be kind enough to gift me the Countdown Edition posters, these ones right here, that I simply cannot afford right now, then that would make me a very happy little Assassin indeed.

Please UbiWorkshop, make me smile again... pleeeeeeease!


EDIT: Or even an AC3 Colonial flag... and a Connor print... and, and, and... a hoodie! I know, I'll go cry in a corner now. Too much want!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

30th October.

Things have been pretty tough here in the Asylum lately.

With so many releases due out soon, money is pretty damn tight. Don't worry though... food, bills and rent are obviously priority. There's nothing to worry about there, it's just on the collecting side of things that money is extremely tight.

Especially with the release of Assassin's Creed III tomorrow.

As most of you probably know (since I guess most people who read my blog are gamers and/or collectors in some way, shape or form), Assassin's Creed is a major franchise. Not just in the sense that the games are massively popular, but also in the sense that more editions and other assorted memorabilia are brought out for Assassin's Creed than a lot of other games put together.

Being a big Assassin's Creed fan, this release is severely taking it's toll on my bank account.

I am currently awaiting:
- Assassin's Creed III Freedom Edition (Xbox 360).
- Assassin's Creed III Join or Die Edition (Xbox 360).
- Assassin's Creed III UbiWorkshop Edition (Xbox 360).
- Assassin's Creed III HMV Steelbook Edition (Xbox 360).
- The Art of Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition Artbook.
- Standard copy of Assassin's Creed III for PC (with preorder bonus 1GB USB Bracelet).
- Assassin's Creed III PS3 Controller Bundle.

There's quite a few other things I really want, but unfortunately my budget just won't stretch far enough to cover any more than that. Especially as I don't only collect AC items, so as well as all of those AC III  preorders I'm waiting on, I also have preorders for other releases that are due out soon, such as Halo 4, Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, etc, etc.

As much as I love collecting, the drain on my bank balance, as well as the drain it leaves mentally, is pretty damn difficult to cope with. But I could never give it up.

If only there was a way of gaining the rest of the items I want at no cost to myself. But a dream like that will never happen... Unless I magically get a job within one of the many games companies I aspire to work for, but that's another dream that'll never happen.

But oh well, I'll just have to live with my budgets, just like everyone else does :) Let's just hope that next year isn't as money-sapping!

If you're feeling the strain of all of the Q4 2012 releases, let me know in the comments below!


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lack of update.

Was planning on doing a reasonably sized update for you all last night, but it ended up being quite an eventful night, with AJ falling, resulting in me having to call for an ambulance.

No worries though, he's perfectly fine. Just me panicking due to the amount of blood he was spitting out and coughing up (he fell with a pencil in his mouth, so I thought he'd stabbed the back of his throat!), I called an ambulance and had the paramedics check him over.

Turned out he'd just bitten his tongue and burst it. Hence the insane amounts of blood.

All is well now though, and he's acting like nothing ever happened.

So will try to get an update for you at some point today, if I can tear myself away from cuddling him.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

CE Addiction.

A thread posted on the other day had me thinking about how much money I spend on games. Well, not just games. But games, movies and other Limited Edition type items. Let's just say, it's a lot of money. To me, at least, anyway.

I know that I am - by far - not the biggest spender when it comes to Collector's Editions. There will be people that easily spend double, triple or maybe even quadruple what I do per month, easily. I'd be lying if I said I don't envy them. Oh, I envy the hell out of them! I'd love to have way more spending money per month than I do currently. 

But, we can't all have what we want now, can we?

The "collecting" part of me has always been there, ever since I was little, spending ridiculous amounts of money on some form of collection. If it wasn't Beanie Babies, it was Pokémon cards, CDs, Pound Puppies, Me To You bears and the like.

I've always been a collector at heart.

Or addict, maybe?

I'm not sure if I might just have an insanely addictive personality, or something along those lines. It might seem a little... I don't know, dramatic? But I seriously believe that I am addicted to Collector's Editions.

Not a day goes by where I'm not either making a preorder for a certain edition, waiting on an arrival - be it a Steelbook, a game CE, a movie CE, a tin... something to do with my collection - or desperately trying to squash something new into my budget plan.

If there's a CE I want but can't afford, I really do feel gutted. But sometimes I feel safe in the thought that it's a rare thing nowadays for a CE to sell out before release, or even soon after. Which means there is a good chance I'll be able to pick up my missing items in the months to come.

I've been a CE collector for over a year now, just under 18 months I think (wow, that isn't really long, is it!?), yet it feels like I've always been collecting them, due to all the knowledge I've gained, along with my passion for collecting them.

I definitely think this will be my life-long addiction, because unlike all of the things I've grown up with, collecting over the years, this one is different. That sounds really stupid, I know. But, what I mean is that with all the things I've become "addicted" to over the years, they have all been things you can easily grow bored of.

Collecting TY Beanie Babies: Spending money on teddies that, sure I can pure on display... but then what? Boredom sets in quickly, although this did last quite a few years, much to the dismay of my parents, who were funding my collection. I was only little though, I collected these between the ages of around 4 and 9 I think, maybe even a little longer...

Collecting Pokémon cards: This was fun, I still own Pokémon cards to this day, but I gave up properly collecting them after about a year as the "fad" died out in my school (this was around ten years ago now! Whoa.)

And now, with collecting CE movies and games, I just can't seem to get tired of it (not that I want to!). I'd be buying games and movies anyway, as I'm an avid movie fan (although the other half, Allan, is the bigger movie buff) and love to play games in my spare time, so why not spend a little extra to get some goodies, if I'm going to be spending some money on it anyway?

But yeah, after having a long hard look and think about how much I've spent this year so far - and how much I've yet to spend on upcoming preorders - it really is quite shocking. I'm lucky I do budget plans, because if I didn't, we'd not even manage to get half of the editions we currently do...

The only downside to my "addiction" is that I literally budget all of my money away. So, for example. If I have x amount of money one month, I budget for my rent, and all of my bills (and groceries, of course) first - naturally. I then budget for anything I know I have to pay that month, such as birthdays, Christmas, or general debts owed (not actual debts, but if I say to someone "Oh, can I buy that off you? But I can't pay till next month" for example, then I work that into my budget before preorders) then after those are budgeted, I work in the preorders.

It's good, in a way, as I budget so much that I am used to it now, and it also allows me to get as many CEs (or whatever) as my money allows, without the risk of me spending money on random shite. (Excuse the language!) But it's also really draining at times, because if I see something I want to buy on eBay, or Amazon, that isn't already in my budget, then... well, I can't. I also can't just decide to go to the cinema, or out for a meal, etc - so it is pretty annoying that way, at times.

At the end of the day though, it's mine and Allan's money, and we enjoy what we do. So there's no stopping us! :)

So, what about you guys?

Are you addicted?

Do you ever sit and think about how much you spend on your collections?

Let me know in the comments below!


Friday, 19 October 2012

It's over 9000!


I'm sorry.

I just had to use that as the title of a blog post, and now that I have received 9294 hits (at time of posting), it felt appropriate :)

I've been lacking in the updates on here recently, but don't worry. I have a few new ideas/features I am going to implement soon, as well as a slew of new pictures.

I've been working through my collection, slowly but surely, taking pictures of everything.

I have been taking the easy route, and just photographing the outside of the CE/press kit/etc. 

I can almost hear your screams of "but I wanna see the contents!".

No worries, I have you covered!

Every week, other than all the collection updates and stuff, I will make a post with three images in it. Of the outside of three different CEs.

And it's up to YOU GUYS, to decide which one gets the unboxing treatment first.

I may end up doing this more than once a week, depending on how much spare time I have, but once a week will do to begin with :)

It won't always be new items from my collection that I put to a vote either, I'll be putting a lot of older CEs into the votes too (well, it wouldn't be fair on them not to!)

Whichever CE/press kit/etc wins the vote, I'll unbox (either via video unboxing, or photo unboxing, depending on how I'm feeling at the time!) for you guys :)

I have now altered the settings on here to allow comments from people without Google accounts and/or blogs. So now, if you were originally holding back on commenting because you didn't want to make an account... well, now you can comment away!

Comments will be greatly appreciated :D


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Steelbook Update (plus a couple of other bits).

Received quite a few things in the mail recently, mainly steelbooks, so thought I'd do a little update now to show them off :)

I've just realised though that one of the ones that has arrived... well, I've forgotten to take a pic of it. So will get the one uploaded later today :D

Enjoy! steelbooks: Con Air, Die Hard, The Rock and Armageddon.

Prometheus Steelbook

Iron Man 1 & 2 Exclusive steelbooks :)

My new favourite steelbook, Sucker Punch SDCC Exclusive steelbook :)

Resi 6 CE Guide

Resi 6 NHL Edition (slipcover was badly misaligned and had glue showing which meant that the shipping info sheet in the box was stuck to it >.< I tried to fix it and align it properly and once it was aligned, the slipcover was too small for the box >.< Currently waiting on my replacement slipcover)


Monday, 8 October 2012

Kevin Bridges.

Hey guys!

It's been a few days since my last post, things have been pretty hectic here in the Asylum (haha).

I won another competition!


Yeah, I won tickets to go see fellow Glaswegian, Kevin Bridges, at his gig in the SECC in Glasgow on Saturday night. Pretty good seats too, not right at the front (thank God! Don't want to be one of the crowd that gets picked on) but near enough. I'd say we were maybe 20 rows back? And basically dead center, too!

If you don't know him, he's a Glaswegian stand-up comedian, and definitely one of the funniest around (in my opinion, anyway). 

The gig was fantastic, from start to finish. His supporting act, Irish stand-up comic Neil Delamere, was fantastic too. The only downside was that we were seated in front of some particularly talkative people, who talked right through Neil's performance. Unfortunately I don't have the girl-balls to tell people to shut the eff up when they're annoying me :P

So yeah, it was Kevin's DVD night on Saturday, and it will be released on the 12th November 2012. Definitely buying it on Blu-Ray, not only because I want to relive it (it was honestly the funniest comedy show I've seen, both in real life and on TV) but also because I want to see if I can spot myself in the audience :)

I urge you to get his DVD, as this show is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Of course, my perception may be a little biased as Kevin, being a Glaswegian like myself, uses a lot of typical Glasgow things in his comedy, and obviously, the ability to relate to that makes things so much funnier!

But I guarantee you will love it, just as much as I did, so give it a wee go ;)

Steelbook update incoming later, so check back!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Part of the collection.

Thought I'd try and take pics of a lot of the collection, this probably doesn't even cover 5% of it, but it'll be a long process :)

Going to post pics like these every day until I've photographed everything, and don't worry! I will be posting more in depth photographs of each item one by one eventually (like I have so far for the likes of Guild Wars 2, etc). 

These ones are just so I can show everything in my collection quicker (as it's much faster to take just one shot of the outside, instead of one of each side, and inner contents, etc).

Borderlands 2 CE Guide.

Cabin in the Woods Steelbook.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set (shipped in a box far too big with no bubblewrap, so sustained some scuffing, luckily nothing too bad).

PES 2013 Man Utd Steelbook (GAME Exclusive preorder bonus) - has slight scratches on silver parts :(.

Borderlands 2 Guns, Guns, Guns Top Trumps :)

TTT2 We Are Tekken Edition.

Dishonored Steelbook (German Preorder Bonus)

Gears of War 2 Promo Steelbook (slight denting)

Kingdom Hearts 3D CE

Tales of Graces f Special Edition + Preorder Bonus Art Cards ( exclusive bonus)

GTA Trilogy and Batman Arkham City PC Boxes (bought whilst in Germany)

Lego Batman 2 Press Kit

Modnation Racers Press Kit

Sniper Ghost Warrior Survivor Edition :)

Sniper Ghost Warrior Bulletproof Edition.

Ico & SOTC Japan CE

Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest

One Piece Pirate Warriors CE

Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 Tesco Preorder Bonus Tshirts

New Super Mario Bros 2 and preorder bonus Coin

Hitman Absolution preorder bonus Sniper Challenge

Skylanders sticker book (actual sticker book, not variant steelbook haha!)

Terminator Steelbook ( exclusive)

Hunger Games bluray + Mockingjay pendant

A Turtle's Tale CE (German, bought for AJ when I was in Germany :) )

Unfortunately he's looking the wrong way...

But he's still happy :D

The Walking Dead Season 2 Bluray CE

Pandora's tower CE & The Last Story CE (just need Xenoblade)

Preorder bonus sleeve and artbook (can store all three games inside)

Mortal Kombat Raiden figure I bought in Germany :)

And then got Ed Boon to sign :D

SDCC Exclusive Son Gohan SHFiguarts figure :)

Catherine Love is Over Deluxe Edition

Catherine Stray Sheep Edition

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition

FFXIII-2 preorder bonus steelbook

Arcana Heart 3 Sugoi Oppai Fan Edition

And a couple of little bits I won from Tecmo Koei on twitter :)

and a little drawing I've done :) (not finished yet!)

Hope you liked my first bunch of pics, more coming tomorrow!


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