Thursday, 4 October 2012

2012 Releases.

Okay, so the year is almost at it's end, but the gaming season has barely begun.

We've had all of the September releases, from Borderlands 2 to Fifa 13. My collection has, like last September, grown by quite a bit due to these releases. 

But September was actually quite quiet in comparison for what's yet to come. We have LOADS more stuff on preorder, from other big releases such as Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III, Far Cry 3, etc. still to come. 

I'm really looking forward to all of the upcoming releases, I really am. There's only two small problems...

1. My backlog is growing by the day, and therefore means I'll somehow have to prioritise the games to make sure I get through them (albeit I'll probably get halfway, then something else will come along and scream "Play me! Play me!" arrgh!).

and 2. Where will I put them all!? My house is overflowing with games as it is, and there are going to be many, many more added between now and Christmas. I can feel my sanity slowly being destroyed (haha!)

At least once the year is over, and "CE season" has come to an end, I'll have more money to spare, which, thankfully, will mean more shelves! Yay!

Update coming later today on my latest additions to the collection :)

Check back later :)


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