Saturday, 20 October 2012

CE Addiction.

A thread posted on the other day had me thinking about how much money I spend on games. Well, not just games. But games, movies and other Limited Edition type items. Let's just say, it's a lot of money. To me, at least, anyway.

I know that I am - by far - not the biggest spender when it comes to Collector's Editions. There will be people that easily spend double, triple or maybe even quadruple what I do per month, easily. I'd be lying if I said I don't envy them. Oh, I envy the hell out of them! I'd love to have way more spending money per month than I do currently. 

But, we can't all have what we want now, can we?

The "collecting" part of me has always been there, ever since I was little, spending ridiculous amounts of money on some form of collection. If it wasn't Beanie Babies, it was Pokémon cards, CDs, Pound Puppies, Me To You bears and the like.

I've always been a collector at heart.

Or addict, maybe?

I'm not sure if I might just have an insanely addictive personality, or something along those lines. It might seem a little... I don't know, dramatic? But I seriously believe that I am addicted to Collector's Editions.

Not a day goes by where I'm not either making a preorder for a certain edition, waiting on an arrival - be it a Steelbook, a game CE, a movie CE, a tin... something to do with my collection - or desperately trying to squash something new into my budget plan.

If there's a CE I want but can't afford, I really do feel gutted. But sometimes I feel safe in the thought that it's a rare thing nowadays for a CE to sell out before release, or even soon after. Which means there is a good chance I'll be able to pick up my missing items in the months to come.

I've been a CE collector for over a year now, just under 18 months I think (wow, that isn't really long, is it!?), yet it feels like I've always been collecting them, due to all the knowledge I've gained, along with my passion for collecting them.

I definitely think this will be my life-long addiction, because unlike all of the things I've grown up with, collecting over the years, this one is different. That sounds really stupid, I know. But, what I mean is that with all the things I've become "addicted" to over the years, they have all been things you can easily grow bored of.

Collecting TY Beanie Babies: Spending money on teddies that, sure I can pure on display... but then what? Boredom sets in quickly, although this did last quite a few years, much to the dismay of my parents, who were funding my collection. I was only little though, I collected these between the ages of around 4 and 9 I think, maybe even a little longer...

Collecting Pokémon cards: This was fun, I still own Pokémon cards to this day, but I gave up properly collecting them after about a year as the "fad" died out in my school (this was around ten years ago now! Whoa.)

And now, with collecting CE movies and games, I just can't seem to get tired of it (not that I want to!). I'd be buying games and movies anyway, as I'm an avid movie fan (although the other half, Allan, is the bigger movie buff) and love to play games in my spare time, so why not spend a little extra to get some goodies, if I'm going to be spending some money on it anyway?

But yeah, after having a long hard look and think about how much I've spent this year so far - and how much I've yet to spend on upcoming preorders - it really is quite shocking. I'm lucky I do budget plans, because if I didn't, we'd not even manage to get half of the editions we currently do...

The only downside to my "addiction" is that I literally budget all of my money away. So, for example. If I have x amount of money one month, I budget for my rent, and all of my bills (and groceries, of course) first - naturally. I then budget for anything I know I have to pay that month, such as birthdays, Christmas, or general debts owed (not actual debts, but if I say to someone "Oh, can I buy that off you? But I can't pay till next month" for example, then I work that into my budget before preorders) then after those are budgeted, I work in the preorders.

It's good, in a way, as I budget so much that I am used to it now, and it also allows me to get as many CEs (or whatever) as my money allows, without the risk of me spending money on random shite. (Excuse the language!) But it's also really draining at times, because if I see something I want to buy on eBay, or Amazon, that isn't already in my budget, then... well, I can't. I also can't just decide to go to the cinema, or out for a meal, etc - so it is pretty annoying that way, at times.

At the end of the day though, it's mine and Allan's money, and we enjoy what we do. So there's no stopping us! :)

So, what about you guys?

Are you addicted?

Do you ever sit and think about how much you spend on your collections?

Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I try some times do this same (calculate how much I have already spent) and on average its only Ł30/$50/€40 per piece :) but yes, I can buy small old car for all my CE´s :D

    (and I collect only PC CE) sometimes you can get really nice price from auction, and I buy only few CE at first day sell, for example Earth Universe CE have price 69eur, and I bought it for 7eur after 6y from release in almost perfect condition, only few scratch on paper box, my best buy so far :D


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