Friday, 19 October 2012

It's over 9000!


I'm sorry.

I just had to use that as the title of a blog post, and now that I have received 9294 hits (at time of posting), it felt appropriate :)

I've been lacking in the updates on here recently, but don't worry. I have a few new ideas/features I am going to implement soon, as well as a slew of new pictures.

I've been working through my collection, slowly but surely, taking pictures of everything.

I have been taking the easy route, and just photographing the outside of the CE/press kit/etc. 

I can almost hear your screams of "but I wanna see the contents!".

No worries, I have you covered!

Every week, other than all the collection updates and stuff, I will make a post with three images in it. Of the outside of three different CEs.

And it's up to YOU GUYS, to decide which one gets the unboxing treatment first.

I may end up doing this more than once a week, depending on how much spare time I have, but once a week will do to begin with :)

It won't always be new items from my collection that I put to a vote either, I'll be putting a lot of older CEs into the votes too (well, it wouldn't be fair on them not to!)

Whichever CE/press kit/etc wins the vote, I'll unbox (either via video unboxing, or photo unboxing, depending on how I'm feeling at the time!) for you guys :)

I have now altered the settings on here to allow comments from people without Google accounts and/or blogs. So now, if you were originally holding back on commenting because you didn't want to make an account... well, now you can comment away!

Comments will be greatly appreciated :D


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