Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's a sad, sad night.

I have spent all day waiting on my Assassin's Creed III UbiWorkshop Edition. I've been SO excited for it, like you couldn't believe.

Every time the door went tonight, I was like "Yay, it's here"... Only it never was.

And now they've messaged me to say it's processing. I don't know what that means :(

It's so pathetic and whiney of me, but I actually want to cry. I just keep getting hit with shit lately. Owe some money to the government that I've to repay as they overpaid me Tax Credits (their fault, but I have to pay for it), I also forgot to cancel over £50 worth of games/movies which I couldn't afford to get, but now they're on their way - so nothing I can do about that right now, and also, when my UWS Edition arrives, I will have to pay around £25 in Customs Charges.

Not a happy bunny.

If only UbiWorkshop would be kind enough to gift me the Countdown Edition posters, these ones right here, that I simply cannot afford right now, then that would make me a very happy little Assassin indeed.

Please UbiWorkshop, make me smile again... pleeeeeeease!


EDIT: Or even an AC3 Colonial flag... and a Connor print... and, and, and... a hoodie! I know, I'll go cry in a corner now. Too much want!


  1. Hang in there V! The editions should be coming in soon. You havn't received any at all?

  2. I've received the HMV Steelbook, but as that was a preorder bonus I didn't need the game, so a friend has been kind enough to buy that from me (sod's law that that was the one that turned up early!). My Freedom Edition is with Gav right now, he said I should get it on Saturday or Monday. So here's hoping I get it tomorrow. Also praying that my UWS edition turns up soon :(

  3. Damn.. I only received the UWS Edition so far. Local retailer hasnt received the US LE coz of the hurricane. JoD from JB Hifi is on transit. Freedom is with Cosmic_Link.


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