Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's a sad, sad night.

I have spent all day waiting on my Assassin's Creed III UbiWorkshop Edition. I've been SO excited for it, like you couldn't believe.

Every time the door went tonight, I was like "Yay, it's here"... Only it never was.

And now they've messaged me to say it's processing. I don't know what that means :(

It's so pathetic and whiney of me, but I actually want to cry. I just keep getting hit with shit lately. Owe some money to the government that I've to repay as they overpaid me Tax Credits (their fault, but I have to pay for it), I also forgot to cancel over £50 worth of games/movies which I couldn't afford to get, but now they're on their way - so nothing I can do about that right now, and also, when my UWS Edition arrives, I will have to pay around £25 in Customs Charges.

Not a happy bunny.

If only UbiWorkshop would be kind enough to gift me the Countdown Edition posters, these ones right here, that I simply cannot afford right now, then that would make me a very happy little Assassin indeed.

Please UbiWorkshop, make me smile again... pleeeeeeease!


EDIT: Or even an AC3 Colonial flag... and a Connor print... and, and, and... a hoodie! I know, I'll go cry in a corner now. Too much want!

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