Monday, 8 October 2012

Kevin Bridges.

Hey guys!

It's been a few days since my last post, things have been pretty hectic here in the Asylum (haha).

I won another competition!


Yeah, I won tickets to go see fellow Glaswegian, Kevin Bridges, at his gig in the SECC in Glasgow on Saturday night. Pretty good seats too, not right at the front (thank God! Don't want to be one of the crowd that gets picked on) but near enough. I'd say we were maybe 20 rows back? And basically dead center, too!

If you don't know him, he's a Glaswegian stand-up comedian, and definitely one of the funniest around (in my opinion, anyway). 

The gig was fantastic, from start to finish. His supporting act, Irish stand-up comic Neil Delamere, was fantastic too. The only downside was that we were seated in front of some particularly talkative people, who talked right through Neil's performance. Unfortunately I don't have the girl-balls to tell people to shut the eff up when they're annoying me :P

So yeah, it was Kevin's DVD night on Saturday, and it will be released on the 12th November 2012. Definitely buying it on Blu-Ray, not only because I want to relive it (it was honestly the funniest comedy show I've seen, both in real life and on TV) but also because I want to see if I can spot myself in the audience :)

I urge you to get his DVD, as this show is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Of course, my perception may be a little biased as Kevin, being a Glaswegian like myself, uses a lot of typical Glasgow things in his comedy, and obviously, the ability to relate to that makes things so much funnier!

But I guarantee you will love it, just as much as I did, so give it a wee go ;)

Steelbook update incoming later, so check back!


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