Thursday, 4 October 2012

Part of the collection.

Thought I'd try and take pics of a lot of the collection, this probably doesn't even cover 5% of it, but it'll be a long process :)

Going to post pics like these every day until I've photographed everything, and don't worry! I will be posting more in depth photographs of each item one by one eventually (like I have so far for the likes of Guild Wars 2, etc). 

These ones are just so I can show everything in my collection quicker (as it's much faster to take just one shot of the outside, instead of one of each side, and inner contents, etc).

Borderlands 2 CE Guide.

Cabin in the Woods Steelbook.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set (shipped in a box far too big with no bubblewrap, so sustained some scuffing, luckily nothing too bad).

PES 2013 Man Utd Steelbook (GAME Exclusive preorder bonus) - has slight scratches on silver parts :(.

Borderlands 2 Guns, Guns, Guns Top Trumps :)

TTT2 We Are Tekken Edition.

Dishonored Steelbook (German Preorder Bonus)

Gears of War 2 Promo Steelbook (slight denting)

Kingdom Hearts 3D CE

Tales of Graces f Special Edition + Preorder Bonus Art Cards ( exclusive bonus)

GTA Trilogy and Batman Arkham City PC Boxes (bought whilst in Germany)

Lego Batman 2 Press Kit

Modnation Racers Press Kit

Sniper Ghost Warrior Survivor Edition :)

Sniper Ghost Warrior Bulletproof Edition.

Ico & SOTC Japan CE

Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest

One Piece Pirate Warriors CE

Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 Tesco Preorder Bonus Tshirts

New Super Mario Bros 2 and preorder bonus Coin

Hitman Absolution preorder bonus Sniper Challenge

Skylanders sticker book (actual sticker book, not variant steelbook haha!)

Terminator Steelbook ( exclusive)

Hunger Games bluray + Mockingjay pendant

A Turtle's Tale CE (German, bought for AJ when I was in Germany :) )

Unfortunately he's looking the wrong way...

But he's still happy :D

The Walking Dead Season 2 Bluray CE

Pandora's tower CE & The Last Story CE (just need Xenoblade)

Preorder bonus sleeve and artbook (can store all three games inside)

Mortal Kombat Raiden figure I bought in Germany :)

And then got Ed Boon to sign :D

SDCC Exclusive Son Gohan SHFiguarts figure :)

Catherine Love is Over Deluxe Edition

Catherine Stray Sheep Edition

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition

FFXIII-2 preorder bonus steelbook

Arcana Heart 3 Sugoi Oppai Fan Edition

And a couple of little bits I won from Tecmo Koei on twitter :)

and a little drawing I've done :) (not finished yet!)

Hope you liked my first bunch of pics, more coming tomorrow!


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