Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone, the only Holiday that's left is Christmas, in the UK, anyway.

Yesterday, when I went to collect my Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox Console, I was reminded as to just how close Christmas is, since I won't see the Xbox again until then *sobs*

It's scary how fast this year has gone by, and even scarier how many editions have been released in that time. Last year, I was complaining about how many were being brought out so close together, but I did my best at buying them all, and only missed out on a couple that to this day, should still be easy to pick up, especially now that they've dropped below RRP (as most editions do nowadays *sigh*). 

But this year...

This year has been awful. Awful, but magnificent at the same time. Depressing, yet full of joy. 

You get my point, right?

It's been the year of the Collector's Edition (although we all thought that about 2011, too). More companies are flushing out edition after edition, because of this apparent new "craze" of collecting. The companies are now seeing this potential market, and instead of bringing out a few, well thought out, beautifully presented "Collector's Editions", they're just whacking them out faster than a Cadbury's chocolate production line.

...but we still all buy into it.

My "budget", if you want to call it that - my leftover money each month, after paying all my bills, rent and buying all of the groceries for my family and I, is not a very high one. Granted, it's higher than some people's budgets for collecting, and I've been alerted to this quite a lot recently on my home away from home,, as there have been a sudden influx of collectors aged between 14-18, ones who obviously will have less money to throw at every edition that is announced (not that I'm much older, I'm only 20!).

But, even at that, my budget is definitely not in the top percentage. I have a few hundred spare, per month, to spend on editions. Some months, I'll have as little as £100, because I've saved so much to prepare for the following month, or I've borrowed from my parents (who are lifesavers!) and have to owe them a chunk back, and other months, because I've saved in advance, or I beg my parents for a loan of £200 because I'm short for the latest edition to be announced, I might have in the region of £500. 

The past few months, I've been closer to the £500 region, mainly because I've saved a little bit here and there (not so much save, as I don't move it to a different bank account, I just make sure it stays in my bank), as well as budget my ass off.

But things aren't looking too good right now.

Some plans have messed up, leaving my budget a good £100 out of kilter, also preventing me from being able to afford the Limited Edition Pikachu 3DSXL, as well as stopping me from being able to order the newly announced Assassin's Creed Anthology, which is set for a November 30th release (much to my dismay).

Also, with Christmas on the horizon, I've got less money to spare right now, as I've got to buy presents. I've managed to get a handful of presents out of the way, but I'm still struggling.

I don't actually have to buy too many presents, as I have quite a small group of family and friends, which is probably quite lucky, if I'm being honest, as I'd struggle even more if I had a lot to buy for.

Next year, I'm praying that there will either be less editions pumped out over the course of the year, or they'll be better spaced out, since too many tend to come out within the same week/month. But, with my preorder list already being filled up with lots of January-April releases, it's not looking too promising.

I'll try to only preorder the things I can't live without next year though, as this year, with preordering absolutely everything, only for a large majority to drop in price within weeks, it's been pretty damn depressing. And coupled with the fact that I've budgeted my money down to nothing this year (leaving no money for spontaneous purchases, and/or cinema trips, nights out, etc), the lack of money has left me feeling pretty down at times.

And hopefully by next Christmas, my posts will be full of Christmas cheer :)

Is anybody else feeling the pinch this year? Are you going to change your collecting habits next year?

Let me know in the comments below!


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