Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I apologise in advance if this post seems a little jumbled and rambling, it is something that has pissed me off a little, and therefore I want to write my side of the story, since I seem to be just getting picked apart right now.

As some of you may have seen, I wrote a post on a forum I frequent (CE.org), about struggling.

Not struggling in the sense of "I have very little money, so my family must starve for me to buy the latest CE", because that would be ridiculous. But it appears that some people may have interpreted my post as such.

It was a more tongue in cheek post (riddled with some ranting about how companies release far too many things at this time of year, which is true), regarding how it's difficult to keep up with the releases that are being churned out around now. 

I do well for myself. I am a Stay at home mum, with a blog (that I don't make any money out of), who collects CEs. 


The other half of Collecting Asylum, Allan (my boyfriend), is the one with the job here. He was the one who got me interested in CEs, albeit now I am more addicted than he is! We both collect the same items, therefore we gather quite a lot of editions per month (than for example, a couple, where the boyfriend collects games, but the girlfriend collects shoes...). 

Yes, we have a son. Since when did having a child mean that you cannot purchase things you enjoy, or have a hobby? Oh, that's right... It doesn't.

Yes, we spend a lot of money on our conjoined hobby, but that doesn't mean that our son goes without. He has more toys and clothes than he even knows what to do with, and lives in a loving, stable environment.

I could understand getting these comments about spending less if I was writing a blog about how I love to do drugs and spend all of my money on heroin, cocaine and ecstasy each month (I'd just like to point out that I don't do drugs haha, before anybody decides to read that the wrong way!). I write a simple blog, in my spare time (so usually if AJ is sleeping, or with his grandparents), about my hobby, which is collecting CEs. I really don't see what the big deal is about that?

I am not getting myself into debt, as I don't take out loans and Credit Cards here, there and everywhere, purely to pay for my collection. Heck, I've never owned a Credit Card in my life! I don't even own a store card, nor do I buy games through catalogues.

Any money I use to buy games is MY money. Well, our money, as Allan pays for some of the games too. Nothing illegal, nothing shady, and not money that technically isn't even real (eg, credit cards).

The only exception to that is when my parents pay for something for me, and I then pay them back the following week/month. This is not a regular occurrence, and I always refuse their offers, but every now and then, they will force me to accept (like with the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package Edition). They are well off, and don't mind doing it, as they know it makes me happy to receive a new game. This is not just "free" money, as I always pay them back for it.

I was told yesterday that it seems "embarrassing" to borrow money from my parents, since I now live away from them, and therefore am unable to start my own family when I am relying on them. (This person has since apologised to me for what they said, as they "didn't mean to offend", but it did offend me, but I accept their apology).

Well, I don't see what is embarrassing about my parents loaning me money. Plenty of people borrow money from their parents. I don't actively seek out the money from my parents, they offer it. Maybe if I was begging them every month for a loan of "x" amount, to fund my preorders, then yeah, that would be pretty embarrassing, but that is not what happens.

I also don't see how that prevents me from "starting my own family". I don't rely on the money from my parents. They offer me money so I don't have to cancel whatever preorder it is they are willing to loan me the money for, had they not loaned me the money, the preorder would just get cancelled. I wouldn't run myself into the ground just to get another CE.

I also had written in my post that at that point in time, I was around £100 over my budget. As you know from reading this blog, I write my budget far in advance, and do my best to stick to it. Every now and then, something comes up, and throws me off a little, but within a day or two, it's normally fixed. That is what happened then. I was £100 over budget as I'd made a few random purchases, and also a couple of things I'd meant to cancel, I had forgotten about. Easy mistake, especially when you are preordering a lot of things at once. Even though I wrote in that post that there was nothing I could cancel to make up that deficit in my budget, there was. I just couldn't see it at first.

When my budget goes t*ts up, I get confused, and get all flustered and can't figure out how to fix it. So I leave it for a while, then come back to it, and voila. Easily fixed. I am now back to being perfectly fine within my budget, no problems at all.

Sure, I can't just make random purchases all the time, as my budget doesn't permit it, but I don't mind that (okay, I lie, it annoys me a little), I just have to accept it (or order it anyway, and cancel something I've preordered to make up for it).

Next year though - yes, I've already budgeted for 2013 - I am saving up a little each month so that we can get some savings behind us, and also so that we will be able to afford a little random purchase every now and then (be it a takeaway, or a little eBay bargain). 

Anyway, I'm done now, there's my justification. Probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but oh well, f*ck it.


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