Thursday, 8 November 2012

Prepare Yourselves!

The updates are coming!

Well, not yet they're not, but they will be :)

In the next few hours I'm going to tidy up the house, and then go for a bath and once all of that is done and dusted, I shall get to work on photographing some more items from the collection.


If you're very lucky, I'll even do an unboxing video or two.

So here is my first ever Unboxing Vote.

For the first unboxing (the second one will be up for vote after this one), choose between:

a) Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition.
b) Assassin's Creed III Freedom Edition
or c) Dead Island Russian Collector's Edition.


Votes must be commented in the comments below, don't worry, you won't have to sign up or anything, just simply comment with the unboxing you'd like to see done today :) The one with the most votes will be unboxed, so share with your friends and get them to vote, too!

I'll also try to get my Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest unboxing up today, since I recorded it at the same time as the One Piece CE unboxing, but I never bothered to upload it!

And if I have time, I'll arrange another Unboxing Vote later on tonight :)

Get voting!




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