Saturday, 17 November 2012

Small steelbook update and a review!

Received a few steelbooks in the mail yesterday, so thought I'd post those first. It's obviously a red, black and white themed steelbook update haha...

And, today...

I also received a T-shirt in the mail, from a company called JammyMunkey (find them here) who make T-shirts that have taken some inspiration from video games, can't wait to get more (but my budget can't handle it right now, noooo!)

Here it is!

Apologies for my really shoddy folding skills!

It's a really gorgeous t-shirt, and is inspired by Halo (which makes it even better!).

Close up of the print:

You can get this t-shirt in a variety of other colours (I chose green, obviously!), and each colour t-shirt has a different colour helmet on it :)

This is their lovely little hang tags for their clothing:

The t-shirt is really great quality, and is 100% cotton, so feels lovely and soft, and not at all cheap (like some t-shirts you can buy on the high street). Also, the t-shirt is preshrunk, which is fantastic, as it saves me from worrying about shrinking it in the wash!

I also chose to have my t-shirt printed in an XL since that way I can wear it loose, but Allan (the other half of the Asylum!) can also borrow it from me from time to time, especially as he's a huge Halo fan too, and practically fell in love with the t-shirt when he saw it!

I decided to get him to wear it for a picture since it gives a better view of it :) and apologies for his red eyes... I think he may be a vampire...


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