Friday, 9 November 2012


I've now recorded two unboxings, the winning vote - Street Fighter 25th Anniversary CE - and Snow White & The Huntsman CE (since Xmo has been oh, so desperate for it :P).

I've edited the Snow White one and it's now uploading to YouTube. My eyes are nearly closed from being so tired, yet the upload will take 40 mins. 

Argh. Bloody YouTube.

So sorry guys, but I think I'll just post them on here in the morning, as I fear I may die of sleep deprivation if I don't - after all, I have to sleep when AJ is sleeping, or else I'm screwed haha!

Massive apologies, but I promise you all that you will get extra goodies tomorrow, will do at least one other unboxing (might do a vote, or might just choose something recent), plus I'll post pics of all of my recent pick ups (minus the Halo 4 Xbox console, since it's hiding out at my parent's house till Christmas).

Again, so sorry guys...


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