Friday, 30 November 2012

What a joke.

I bought 10 copies of the Limited Edition Art of Assassin's Creed III book from the Ubisoft Online Store, after countless phonecalls to them to check that it was definitely the Limited Edition (as the image depicts the standard artbook, but the description describes the LE).

Each phonecall, I was assured that it was definitely the Limited Edition artbook, and not to worry, as if I order, that is what I'd receive. Now, I'm not the only one who called, called, and called them again, to check this information is correct. Plenty of us did.

So when the book's release date (the 30th of October) had been and gone, with no sign of a dispatch email, we all worried a little. And, as you'd expect, we all called Ubisoft once again.

This time we were informed that there had been a stock issue and that the books hadn't yet arrived in the warehouse. "It should be sometime this week", they told us.

A week passed, and we called again. A familiar statement was given to us: "It should be sometime this week". We all called bullshit, but we waited patiently, not wanting to p*ss off Tom and the rest of Ubisoft's Customer Service line.

Another week passed, and then 2 weeks, each time with us calling up to check the status, and receiving that oh so familiar, but oh so bullshit line of "...sometime this week". 

But, oh my God! 

Boom, 10 dispatch emails fly into my inbox, and I quickly update my group buy thread with the news (this is the reason behind me ordering 10 copies, no profiteering here!). 

Woohoo! Hurrah! Yay!

We were all so happy that they'd finally been dispatched.

A few days pass, and they all start arriving to houses, 8 turned up to my parent's house (2 had seemingly got lost in Swansea, why they went to Wales when I'm in Scotland, I do not know), and by this point, I had already caught wind of other members of receiving theirs, and them being Standard Edition artbooks. My mum phoned to tell me they had arrived, so I asked her to carefully open them, and she then confirmed to me that all 8 were Standard copies.

I called Ubisoft (once again) to inform them of the error. The woman on the other end of the line told me that not much could be done as I was still waiting on two copies, and they'd need to know if just this 8 are wrong, or if all 10 are. She opened a "ticket" for me anyway, and told me to call back once the others arrived.

I've spent around £40 so far, calling Ubisoft's CS team, as I can only contact them using my mobile, so it's a very f*cking big expense, especially for me to be told a whole pile of shit each time.

The next day, the remaining two showed up, and I called them, and was told that's it's currently under investigation, and that I'd be contacted directly once they discover what the problem is, he then mentioned that it seemed to be an error with the warehouse.

So for now, I am sitting with 10 artbooks, that nobody wants, 9 of which I'm hoping to be swapped for the Limited Edition, and one which the girl I was helping for it, wishes to have a refund instead.

I just hope that Ubisoft's Online Store buck up their ideas and sort this out as soon as possible, as it's quite clearly false advertising, and not something I am happy with - I actually wanted to cry when the first 8 showed up as it was the cherry on the very shitty cake that day (they arrived the same day I was in the car crash).

So, Ubisoft, as much as I love you, you're pissing me right off, and if you're reading this, please get this sorted out ASAP.


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