Monday, 3 December 2012


Sorry about the lack of update on Saturday, but my two best friends had their little boy so I didn't have any time to do an update.

3 weeks and 2 days early, delivered by emergency C-section on the 1st of December, at 3.38pm, weighing a teeny tiny 4 lbs something, little Charles is here!

We went up to the hospital to see them, and little Charles is just adorable. So, so small! Big Charles (his daddy) was all "doting dad" sitting in the NICU with him, as we all came in one by one to see him, and poor Amanda is recovering from the C-Section. 

But Mummy and baby are all okay, so I wish them both all the happiness in the world, and lots of recovery wishes for Amanda, and I hope they get out of hospital soon :)

Congrats guys :D


EDIT: A very sad update to this post.

Little CJ passed away on the 11th of December, after spending 10 days with his Mummy and Daddy. He was born with a heart defect, and passed away peacefully at 10 days old.

Fly high little one xx

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