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Top Ten Purchases of 2012.

Okay, after careful consideration, I have come to a decision on what my top ten purchases of 2012 are.

They might not be what everyone else would have chosen (if they were me), but these are my top ten, and I'll give you the reasons why :)

10. Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition.

After the whole excitement regarding this release, once I finally got my hands on it, I felt a little underwhelmed. Then after the various differences between the UK and US versions started to appear, and the ensuing horror of the US version being ever so slightly better (as well as the pity on the people who paid insane amounts of money on eBay for a copy due to it being so "limited"), I was feeling less and less satisfied with my £99.99 preorder.

Once the initial disappointment over the slight alterations between regional copies went away, I once again got excited over my purchase. For £99.99, it is a very nice edition (much better than some other editions which have hit - or almost hit - that price range in the past), and oh so full of content. This is why I'm making it number 10 on my list. If I'd paid more than RRP for it though, I'd have been severely pissed when it was revealed that it was limited to 52K in the US, and unknown amounts in the UK, as it is not at all as limited as it was made out to be.

9. Sucker Punch SDCC Exclusive Steelbook.

This wasn't so much a "purchase" as I got it as part of a trade over at SteelbookHunterz (*waves*). I had a copy of the exclusive Kick Ass steelbook, which had a flawed reverse, in that the J-card on the back was actually not a Kick Ass J-card, but an Incredible Hulk one. 

I've never really planned on selling or trading any of my items (as I really don't like to do that), but I was given an offer I simply couldn't refuse. Three steelbooks for my Kick Ass: Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Sucker Punch. The Iron Man steelbooks were high up on my want list, due to me missing out on them (they were also exclusives), so when I was offered both of those PLUS Sucker Punch, as much as I didn't want to lose one of my own items, I couldn't not say yes.

The Sucker Punch SDCC steelbook is still one of my favourite steelbooks in my collection, as it is stunning.

8. Risen 2 Keg Edition.

This edition was exclusive to Poland and the Czech Republic (maybe a handful of other countries nearby, too), and as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it. It is an absolutely gorgeous edition, very unusual for a CE (being a wooden keg, numbered, with all of the contents inside). 

I was very lucky and managed to snag number 004. I believe the edition is limited to 999 (considering the three digit limit on the small plaque), although technically it could be less than that. Either way, I got number FOUR!

And for an edition with quite a fair bit of contents, and made of actual wood, it was pretty damn cheap.

Definitely one of my favourite CEs of all time.

7. Far Cry 3 Insane Edition.

I know, I know. You're probably wondering why this is on my list. Well, it's on it for two reasons really. One is that without this edition, I'd never have gotten interested in Far Cry 3 (and later preorder the Wish You Were Here Edition, too), and Far Cry 3 is by far my favourite game of 2012, and probably of the past few years, too. So, without this edition (and the WYWH Edition, too), I'd never have played, and would be missing out.

Secondly, by preordering this edition over at Zavvi, I was entered into a competition to win tickets to Gamescom, and holy shit...


So yeah, this game (and this particular edition) has given me two of my favourite things of 2012 - Far Cry 3 itself, and my trip to Gamescom in Germany.

So thank you Far Cry 3!

6. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Press Kit.

I never thought I'd ever get to own this PK. Prices for it were always stupidly high, and due to all the sales always being on eBay, and not through a seller I knew, I couldn't exactly arrange for them to hold onto it for me.

Until this year.

Ingmar over at CEo managed to get a hold of quite a hefty bunch of these Press Kits, and sold them all on, so I was able to get him to hold one for me until I had the money, et voila! 

I am now the proud owner :) Albeit it's value has dropped by quite a bit since so many were then flooded into the market, that doesn't bother me, as I don't ever intend to sell it, and I'm sure the value will go back up eventually anyway.

5. The Dark Knight Trilogy Steelbook Edition.

This was available for preorder over at, and I preordered it expecting it to be a steelbook with all three movies inside it. So, I also preordered the UK Trilogy, as well as the The Dark Knight Rises steelbook from HMV.

Later, the image for this item was updated on Amazon, to show that it was in fact a separate steelbook for each of the three movies. Steelbooks that I had previously meant to pick up, but never gotten round to it.


I was super excited, and cancelled my TDKR steelbook preorder from HMV (since this was gonna include it anyway), and cancelled my UK Trilogy preorder, since I figured it'd be much more widely available afterwards. And how right I was...

This later sold out, leading to a price hike on, with private sellers trying to make a rather large profit from them, and even now, the UK trilogy is still in stock almost everywhere.

Very glad I made that decision.

4. Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS Konami Style Premium Package.

When I saw this was available in Japan as part of a raffle, I was really interested. Super rare, and only available to purchase if you managed to be one of the lucky ones with a winning raffle ticket, I resigned myself to the fact I'd never own one.

Discussions over on CEo then prompted me to look on the Japan export sites, as many of these sites had managed to source a few copies (assumably by either buying them from actual winners, or by repeatedly entering the raffle to try and win the chance to purchase). 

Solaris Japan ended up with a few copies, and I ordered one. Sadly, I was a little short on cash, so I contacted Jacob and told him my intention on purchasing the item, and asked if it would be possible for him to hold onto it until I round up the extra cash. He was very understanding, and granted my wishes. 

A while later (and by a while, I mean QUITE a while, as I chose seamail so I could have it sent with it's battery intact), it finally arrived to me, and I was so happy. It was finally a part of my collection.

Japanese 3DSs unfortunately don't have an option to change the language to English, so it has always just remained as a display piece in my collection, rather than one I use (although even if it could be changed to English, I'd probably not use it anyway through fear of damaging it!). Also, it is region locked, so can only play Japanese games, which I don't really intend on buying many of, so it will still stay unused, for now anyway.

Doesn't make me cherish it any less though.

3. Darksiders II Premium Edition.

I had the UK Collector's Edition preordered, but didn't bother with this since it looked like it was pretty much the same. I eventually bit the bullet, since the rumours of it being numbered were seemingly true, and I'm super glad I did. Not long after I ordered, it went sky high in price, and once I'd received it, I could see it was so much better than the UK CE.

I even wrote a comparison to show how much superior it was. It's such a gorgeous edition, and the Death Mask is just amazing. Definitely a very well done edition, and deserves to be in my top three.

If you don't have it, and spot one for a decent price, I'd definitely urge you to nab it, you won't be disappointed.

2. Dead Rising Servbot Mug.

This is a very peculiar item, from Korea. Given out as a bonus for those who bought Dead Rising, it is limited to 500, and each one is signed by Keiji Inafune. 

I got it from driv3r over at CEo, so big thanks to him :)

A few articles mention that each one comes with a Mega Man sketch on the underside of the mug, but this is untrue, only one has this sketch on the underside as far as I know, one which probably wasn't given out as a bonus (and was either kept by Keiji himself, or whatever).

A video actually exists on YouTube of Keiji signing them all, and wow. It sure does take a long time...

I'm sure if he were to have sketched Mega Man on each one, it'd have taken much longer (the Youtube video proves that they are only signed).

It is very much a highlight of my collection, despite not being on display. The only reason I don't have it on display is because I have it hidden, still in it's box, behind some other items purely to prevent AJ breaking it. As after the amount of money I spent on a MUG, I'd probably just die if it was to get broken.

1. Fable II Lost Contents.

Number one on my list just has to be the Fable II Lost Contents. It might not seem like much to a lot of people, but Fable II was one of the first games I played on Xbox 360, and one of the only games I had for it when I first ventured into current gen gaming (along with Halo 3, Viva Piñata and COD 4).

So, naturally, when I first started collecting, Fable II was high on my priorities. I searched, and found that the only edition that was made available for Fable II was the basic Limited Edition, with the grey slipcover. Rather boring I thought, as well as pretty common, so I figured I'd wait and get it a little later.  After some discussion with Allan, he told me how he'd preordered a better edition for Fable II, which was then cancelled, although he wasn't sure why. After some serious digging, I discovered the edition that never was.

I nicknamed it the Fable II Lost Contents, so that I'd have something to actually name it within my many Wanted Lists, and Lost Contents seemed fitting.

Eventually, I discovered that some copies of it were in fact made, and distributed prior to the cancellation. These copies ended up being more like Press Kits than CEs since they seem to only have been given out prior to release (and not to preorders), so I expect it was to generate hype about the CE (therefore giving them to people in the media?) and then when the CE was scrapped, these copies were left floating around out there.

In September last year, my dreams from when I first began to collect finally came true.

I finally snagged a copy of the Fable II Lost Contents. They have now been "found".

Major thanks to Gee over at CEo for that :)

And that's all for my Top Ten Purchases of 2012.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

What are your top ten?


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