Thursday, 24 January 2013

V's 2013 Challenge.

I have set myself a challenge for this year. It may not seem like much to some of you, but it is quite a monumental task. Believe me.

I am setting myself the challenge of photographing my entire collection, in a precise way. With a white backdrop, I will photograph everything in a very detailed manner. Shots of each side of the box (if there is detail to be seen), contents (as a whole) shots, individual shots of pieces inside the CE, etc. 

This is something I've always planned to do, but with a collection that grows tremendously, even in the space of a month, it's been a daunting prospect, and one that I've put off constantly.

But yesterday I worked my way through my Assassin's Creed collection (albeit I forgot a few items), and tomorrow I plan to work through some more. 

I apologise though, as I don't plan on revealing the images until I've got between one half, and three quarters of the collection photographed - that way I'll have a constant stream to upload, with a few CEs worth (or a franchise worth) of photos each day, but as I'll still have some photos left to take, at least with the huge amount of pics already taken, I won't have to worry about running out of stuff to show you all.

This year has been pretty slow so far, what with me only receiving (I think) one delivery since January 1st, which compared to a normal month of collecting, is very, very little. But starting from next week, my deliveries will be kicked up to full speed again...

Which probably means I should try my best to get as much done before then as is humanly possible!

Any advice for a photography noob?


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