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V's Top Five Games of 2012.

Well, we're four days into the new year, so I have had an ample amount of time to carefully consider which games of 2012 (that I've played) deserve to be in my top five.

Remember, only games I have played can be in the top five, so a few big name releases that you'd have expected to be in this list won't be (due to me not having time to get round to playing them yet! *cough* Assassin's Creed III *cough*), also, only games that actually were released in 2012 will be on the list (so I can't vote for pre-2012 games).

Okay, now onto the list!

5. The Amazing Spider-Man.

Game to movie adaptations are rarely good. Same goes for movie-to-game ones. Albeit this wasn't a direct copy of the movie, it was made as a sort-of sequel. But still, being in the same vein as a movie to game adaptation, I played with baited breath, waiting for something to make me go "nah, fuck it - it's shit". But it never happened. There were a few moments that annoyed me (mainly because once I mess up once, I get increasingly frustrated, making me mess up more), but nothing to make me hate the game.

I'm sure many people will disagree, but I definitely found this to be a really fun game - and by including in game collectibles (comic pages), this intensified that fun. I guess being a real-life collector fuelled that...

4. Lollipop Chainsaw.

I love zombie games, but even this had me wondering. Brightly coloured, cheerleading girl in kinda slutty outfits... Hmm. I thought "holy shit, this is gonna suck". I then watched videos (pre-release) and started to warm up to it a little, then saw the competition that was being run to see who would be the official "face" of Juliet Starling. 

And then the girl-crush on Jessica Nigri began.

Preordered the game (with two days to go!), to ensure I got my preorder bonus costumes (Rockabilly and Pink Catsuit), and waited patiently for it's arrival.

Okay. Impatiently.

I paid for release day shipping (yes Amazon, fuck you and your shitty non-release-day shipping if you don't pay extra, hmph!) and surprise surprise. It didn't turn up.

Got my shipping money refunded, game turned up the next day, and I began my journey into Lollipop Chainsaw.

It's actually very fun, albeit a little bizarre - but what's not to love about chopping zombies to bits, killing them with a combine harvester (I still can't get that song out of my head "You spin me right round baby, right round..." arrgh!), and lots of bright colours and a comic book style in the cutscenes.

Oh, and a boyfriend that is JUST a head.

3. Sleeping Dogs.

Essentially just another True Crime game, I was apprehensive at first. I've never played a True Crime game in my life (to my knowledge), and have never really felt the need to. I know, I know... I should stop being so judgemental against games. True Crime just always sounded like such a shit boring title for a game, so I just never bothered with those games.

Also, I bypassed most of the older-gen consoles, therefore missed a lot of older games.

Preordered this so we'd get the Day 1 edition (that, and Allan wanted to get it to play anyway), and once we got it, I gave it a shot - not expecting much.

But wow, I loved it. It reminded me of GTA games, albeit not as large, and with lots of side missions, and decent driving mechanics, I was hooked.

Was very proud of myself for recognising Emma Stone's voice in the game (as well as Sun from Lost!), only to later see their names in the intro of the game anyway (facepalm).

Played it constantly, and was only shelved because I completed it. Bought a copy for Allan's younger brother for Christmas too, just to share the love.

2. Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes.

First ever Lego game I've played, and I loved it. So much so, that it caused me to then ask for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and Lego Lord of the Rings for Christmas. And also made me want to play through the other Lego games I already owned (courtesy of Allan: Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars Saga, Lego Batman). 

Being my first Lego game (to play), the open world thing just seemed normal to me, so when I move onto the other non-open world Lego games, it might seem really weird to me, which is a little worrying, but as mentioned above for The Amazing Spider-Man, I love in-game collecting, so collecting all the lego bricks, minikits, characters, etc is just awesome to me.

Can't wait to move onto the next Lego game (haven't decided which yet!), give me your opinions on which I should play next :) (and yes, I know I should've probably played Lego Batman before Lego Batman 2, but oh well).

1. Far Cry 3. 

By far, my number one game of 2012 HAS to be Far Cry 3. I've got to say, it surprised me. I preordered this game quite a long time ago, for two reasons: one being that the game looked quite interesting, and the second reason (which was probably my main reason behind getting it) was that the Insane Edition looked pretty cool. 

I then won tickets to Gamescom through Zavvi (whom I placed my preorder with), as preordering Far Cry 3 with them entered you into a draw to win the tickets (I've written a few posts on that already). 

And then I preordered a second edition of it, with the help of a good friend over at CEo (Letrico!) - the Wish You Were Here Edition, which was exclusive to EB Games in Australia.

Fast forward to release date, and I play the game, and boom, I'm addicted.

Far Cry 3 is one of the very few games I've completed (ever!), and despite completing it (the story), gathering all collectibles, and spending well over 30 hours in Rook Island, exploring, hunting and just generally surviving, I actually don't feel ready to stop playing yet, so I've actually started a second playthrough...

Also, the soundtrack is just absolutely amazing, and is now the soundtrack of my day-to-day life (Allan thinks there's something wrong with me :P). And Vaas, that crazy son-of-a-bitch with the mohawk? Yeah, well he is just the most awesome protagonist I've seen in a long time.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

Ugh, there's just so much to love about Far Cry 3, but I'll let you all figure the rest out for yourselves :)

Honourable Mentions.

- Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition.

I technically couldn't count this before, since the actual game itself was a 2011 release, but the GOTY edition came out in 2012, so I'll give it an honourable mention, since I didn't have all of the DLC, nor could I play Harley Quinn's Revenge prior to the GOTY release. 

It's no secret that I'm a big ol' Batman lover, and a big ol' Harley lover even more. So the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC was great for me, as it meant I got more time with Harley, since she's not got as large a role in the main game (albeit the DLC isn't very long at all). I loved how it all tied in together, and although it took me a while to get used to the controls again (after not playing Arkham City in months, since I completed it), once I was back in the swing of things, I absolutely loved it.

Although the box art was shit.

- Halo 4.

I love Halo, and 343 did not disappoint in their take on the franchise. My only reasoning behind not including it in my top 5 is that I don't feel I have played it enough. Too many other games keep distracting my attention from it, therefore meaning I have hardly played any of the campaign, and I've played minimal amounts of the multiplayer. But, it still deserves a mention since, well... it's Halo.

And Halo rocks.

- Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse.

All the critics said it was shit. Everyone was expecting it to be shit. And well... it was a little bit shit.

I mean, it was a really fun, enjoyable game - despite being bloody infuriating at times - but in comparison to many of the other 2012 releases, it just pales in comparison. Which is quite cruel really, as a game like this shouldn't be compared against the blockbusters. That's like comparing the show to big blockbuster movies, but it can't be helped. 

Regardless, I found it a really fun game, and far, far better than critics/reviewers made it out to be. Sure, it's nothing fantastic, but if you're a fan of the show, then you'll probably enjoy the game.

Anyway, that's my top five of 2012 list finished, feel free to tell me what your top five are :)

Check back tomorrow for my top TEN purchases of 2012!


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  1. Good read V! Did you see my Top 5 Games post? Looking forward to your Top 10 Purchases! That will be interesting to see..


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