Wednesday, 20 February 2013

20th Feb.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently.

As you should all know, I've been working on photographing the entire collection, which is only really possible to do whilst AJ is sleeping, or if he is at his gran's or nana's house. So, understandably, it is taking quite a lot longer than I'd anticipated. But, slowly but surely, I am getting there. 

Hoping to have a batch of photos up for you within the next few days. I'll probably upload all of a specific type at once. Haven't fully decided on what my first upload will be just yet, though.

This month (and last month) have been pretty quiet in regards to collecting, which is probably a God-send really, as it means that as I've been taking photos of everything, not much else is getting added to the collection, to then bump up the backlog of photos again (also, I've been photographing the things that have arrived as they have been delivered, to get them over and done with quite quickly).

I have taken and uploaded (to my PC) around 1500 pics so far, however I then edit them (rotate/crop/add watermark) before I upload, so in the process, I have lost 500 pics (that were highly inadequate). This again shows just how long it is taking me to photograph everything as I take highly detailed pictures, of each side of the outer box, then of the inside, then of each item included, etc. If I mess up a shot, I just re-take it instantly, which although good (and saves me having to bring out the stuff again at a later date to re-photograph), it then becomes very time-consuming for me to sort out all of the photos I have taken to find the best ones. 

So don't worry, the photos that you are all desperately waiting for will be worth the wait!

Anyway, I better head now and do some tidying, that way, as soon as AJ goes for a little snooze, I can get straight into the picture-taking!


Monday, 11 February 2013

It's here!

Well, Allan is at work right now and as soon as he gets home he will see what the secret item is, so I may as well reveal it on here now.

It's the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition!


It is finally here, just in time for Valentine's Day (but I will give him it tonight as it's a joint Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift - and our Anniversary was on the 2nd). He doesn't even think he is getting anything else, as I had paid half of the cost of his Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box, and bought him a steelbook of The Raid (the German version, not the exclusive version, unfortunately), so he thinks his gifts have been and gone (all the while my gifts will not even arrive in time for Valentine's Day, tut tut :P) Technically this is a gift for both of us though, as I did go over our intended budget, but all is good, as I love it, too!

I opened it up for a quick look to check all was well with it, and yep, it's perfect. A big thank you to a good friend, Gav, over at CEo with his assistance in getting this edition :) As always, I'm truly grateful.

Just can't wait to see his reaction when he gets home.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

10th February 2013.

I am now around 30% of the way through my collection, so still got a fair way to go before I will have everything photographed, but I've been doing pretty well the past few days, so I expect that as long as I continue to go at the same rate I'm currently going at in regards to taking photos, I should have the entire collection photographed by next week (well, one week from now). 

I will still have to edit each image (which is relatively simple, just placing a watermark on each one), which will take a fair amount of time (considering I am currently at 1080 images already), but I will upload photos continuously during this process, instead of waiting until all are watermarked.

I have received a few new items recently, including the Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Wizard's Edition (PAL UK copy), steelbook for the same game, Dead Space 3 Limited Edition guide and DMC steelbook. I also have something very special on the way, which should be at my door at some point tomorrow, however I cannot say what it is yet, incase the other half of Collecting Asylum sees ;) (it's a surprise!).

Payment is due soon for the Gaming Heads Portal 2 Turret Exclusive, which means it should arrive to the Asylum soon, something which I absolutely cannot wait for, it's been a long time coming (preordered in June last year, was supposed to have a Q4 2012 release, so it's been delayed for a bit), but it'll look awesome in the collection, only problem will be finding a place to display it - since it'll be massive and I've already run out of space for most other things in the collection.

I am 21 this year (as is Allan), so for each of our birthdays, expect a lot of new additions to the Asylum. Granted, there may not be millions, since most of the stuff we already know about for our birthdays are larger items. For example, Allan is getting the First 4 Figures Ganondorf Exclusive statue for his 21st from me (and my parents), and as long as my agreement with a member on CEo doesn't fall through, he will also be getting the Dishonored Press Kit. I am worried about this though as I was also getting the Lollipop Chainsaw Launch Kit from them (which was to be part of my 21st), but that fell through, so I am praying that this doesn't fall through, too. Allan will also get other stuff from his family, but no idea what yet (most likely just moeny). I am getting a Wii U for my 21st, as well as a new laptop (see my previous post regarding the death of my Macbook - haha), and whatever else I get from family, hopefully money, as I'm a spoiled brat and prefer to choose my own presents ;)

Well, anyway, enough rambling from me. I should probably get back to photographing the collection, if I want to meet my target!

Au revoir!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rest in Peace Macbook.

My laptop charger is broken, rendering my laptop out of use, for now at least.

The laptop itself is slowly falling to pieces too, so I will buy a cheap replacement charger in a few weeks to keep me going until I get my new laptop for my 21st birthday (July 7th, for those who want to know). 

So if you see me around less, that is why, as I will have to use the PC (which I dislike as I have to sit at the front door haha), or my 3DS or mobile.

I will still get any PM's that are sent to me from CEo, and I will still be online at some point each day (I can pretty much guarantee that!), but I probably won't be as chatty :P

I suppose this is a good thing though, since I'll get more time to photograph and document the collection :)

I'll try and get a decent photo update for you all within the next week :)


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