Monday, 11 February 2013

It's here!

Well, Allan is at work right now and as soon as he gets home he will see what the secret item is, so I may as well reveal it on here now.

It's the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition!


It is finally here, just in time for Valentine's Day (but I will give him it tonight as it's a joint Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift - and our Anniversary was on the 2nd). He doesn't even think he is getting anything else, as I had paid half of the cost of his Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box, and bought him a steelbook of The Raid (the German version, not the exclusive version, unfortunately), so he thinks his gifts have been and gone (all the while my gifts will not even arrive in time for Valentine's Day, tut tut :P) Technically this is a gift for both of us though, as I did go over our intended budget, but all is good, as I love it, too!

I opened it up for a quick look to check all was well with it, and yep, it's perfect. A big thank you to a good friend, Gav, over at CEo with his assistance in getting this edition :) As always, I'm truly grateful.

Just can't wait to see his reaction when he gets home.


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