Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rest in Peace Macbook.

My laptop charger is broken, rendering my laptop out of use, for now at least.

The laptop itself is slowly falling to pieces too, so I will buy a cheap replacement charger in a few weeks to keep me going until I get my new laptop for my 21st birthday (July 7th, for those who want to know). 

So if you see me around less, that is why, as I will have to use the PC (which I dislike as I have to sit at the front door haha), or my 3DS or mobile.

I will still get any PM's that are sent to me from CEo, and I will still be online at some point each day (I can pretty much guarantee that!), but I probably won't be as chatty :P

I suppose this is a good thing though, since I'll get more time to photograph and document the collection :)

I'll try and get a decent photo update for you all within the next week :)


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