Monday, 4 March 2013


Some more photographs will be coming later on tonight to you all :)

Been working through the collection still, still not near to completion, but I am getting there. It's nice to have a rummage through the collection again. Lots of things that I'd forgotten about, and it's nice to have a good, in-depth look at it all for once, instead of just seeing whichever part of the item is on show from within my display shelves.

I'm getting a new phone towards the end of this month, so really can't wait for that. Considering doing some form of unboxing for it, but to be honest, it might be a waste to do an unboxing of a new phone instead of an unboxing of something from the collection. What would you all rather see? An unboxing of the iPhone 5 (as I think that's what I'm probably gonna get) or an unboxing of something from the collection (if something from the collection, then what would you wanna see)?

Let me know in the comments below!


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