Wednesday, 20 March 2013 Downtime.

Well, my home away from home - - is currently down. It has been down since last night, which was quite unlucky timing as I was planning on uploading more of my collection to my intro thread. 

But now, it has proved quite good for me. In no way do I mean that I am glad it's down. I'm not. As sad as it sounds, I am lost without it. But it has meant that I have been less distracted from doing other things which required doing.

Such as:

Planning Allan's birthday.

Allan's birthday is fast approaching. Okay, it's still over a month away (heck, just under two months away, actually!), but the time is running out for my planning.

I have already arranged the presents. So no need for any further planning on that part. It was the cake that needed my attention.

As you may, or may not know, I have Cake Decorating qualifications. I know, I know. How totally stupid does that sound? Qualifications, to decorate a cake. But, I shit you not. It does exist. (I'm not dissing cake makers here, just the fact that Cake Decorating qualification sounds like it has been made up! Big respect to the awesome cake makers out there ♥)

I'm a fan of a few facebook pages of cake makers, and it always makes me so jealous to see the awesome cakes that are being made. I am not as fantastic as a lot of the cake makers out there, but I am okay at it (I got an A in my exam, if you're wondering).

So, for Allan's birthday, I have decided to make his cake, instead of just buying one from a shop/bakery.

The design is very... advanced. It will take a lot of time and effort to pull off, but I am hoping I can do it. Sadly, I cannot divulge any of my ideas as of now, as I want the cake to be a surprise (he knows I'm making a cake, but probably will only be expecting a simple white iced cake with fondant letters). 

I have drawn up the plan, written notes, etc. All that is required now is the ingredients. But of course, with 2 months to go until his birthday, I can't begin it just yet!

Between now and May, though, I will have to build up a stock of sugarpaste, and sugarpaste colouring gels in my cupboard, since I don't want to have to worry about the cost nearer the time. So I will add in one or two items in with my weekly grocery shop before then, that way, the cost won't really be noticed (especially as I have a small amount of money budgeted for party food and drink in May, but of course I can't just blow it all on the cake!).

The downtime of will also prove to be a good thing, since my house will actually be super quick to tidy today, instead of being a 5 hour long job, with CE breaks in between.

Although, I still can't wait for it to be back online.

Are any of you affected by the downtime? What are you doing to curb your withdrawal symptoms (haha!)? 


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