Monday, 11 March 2013

Tomb Raider Store.

The guys (and gals, if there are any) over at Treehouse Store have recently announced that they are bringing out a bunch of limited art prints (some giclees, and some screenprints) for the recently released Tomb Raider.

This excited me, but sadly the sale of them has been delayed for now (not sure by how long). I imagine they will go up for sale within this month, which is quite gutting since I'm skint (haha - when am I not!?), so won't be able to get any. They are all $40 each, which is surprisingly well priced - when they were announced, I was expecting much higher prices, so to hear that they're all $40 was a lovely surprise.

My three favourites from them are: 

Hoping that family will buy one (or more) for my 21st - albeit they'd have to buy them and put them away till then, as I don't turn 21 until July! Either that, or I hope they don't sell out too fast, but I just know they will, as - well, look at them. They're beautiful.

Big thanks to the staff at Treehouse Brand (and of course the individual artists of each one) for these wonderful, beautiful pieces of art. 

I just hope someday that all three will take pride of place on my wall.

Are you getting any of the artwork? Which is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Must have the Sam Spratt print. Dying for these to go on sale!!! >.< Hope I don't miss out... :S


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