Thursday, 11 April 2013


Okay, I am still awaiting the delivery of the Ubisoft Goodie Bag that will be the prize for the Trials competition. I still have no idea as to what will be included, so please - don't ask!

I will run the competition for one more week, and then the winner will contacted regarding the prize. If I haven't yet received it, then obviously the winner will have to wait a little bit until the prize arrives to me, before I can get it sent off to them.

So yeah, please - get playing. And remember, once you have played, you MUST take a screenshot of your score so that you can prove that you got the score you said (since anybody could just say that they got 1,000,000 haha). And you MUST comment on the post that the game is on, or this one, for your entry to count.

Good luck everyone!


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