Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Not long to go now until E3. Really looking forward to it this year, despite Nintendo announcing that they are going to bypass E3 since they now have their Nintendo Direct streams set up (which have been revealing stuff to us bit by bit for a while now).

Sony has obviously already revealed the PS4, minus the console itself and a definitive release date, so I am looking forward to hopefully seeing the console itself, as well as find out exactly when it will hit UK shores.

But even more so, I am looking forward to what Microsoft has to offer. Things have been pretty quiet on the Xbox front in regards to the new console, excluding all of the rumours flying around the place, Microsoft hasn't really said anything themselves.

However, they are due to reveal their next-gen effort in a Xbox Live Event on May 21st, no doubt just giving us the bare minimum, in order to keep all of their best in time for E3, one month later.

I will definitely be picking up Microsoft's next-gen offering on launch, however, the same cannot be said for the PS4. No doubt they will both launch close together, and with my preorder schedule full to bursting already (before the late 2013 game lineup is even fully revealed), there's little to no chance of me being able to afford both consoles at once.

So far, I already have three editions of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag preordered for November 1st, three editions of Watch_Dogs preordered for November 22nd, and an assortment of other bits and bobs between now and then to contend with. As well as the release of GTAV in September, which I am praying that a CE is announced for it.

Also, I'll be getting a Wii U for my 21st birthday in July (yup, that's right. Hitting the big 2-1 in July!), so the area around my TV is going to be overloaded with consoles (as of now, it already is full with an Xbox 360, a PS3, a Wii, my Blu ray player and my Sky box).

Which console are you going for?

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