Thursday, 4 April 2013

First 4 Figures.

This month sees the release of the long awaited First 4 Figures statue, Ganondorf. 

He comes in two versions, normal and Exclusive. The Exclusive variant is the same as the normal version, but also comes with a switch-out head to give Ganondorf two facial expressions: the dark and moody look (normal) and the maniacal laugh (which only comes with the Exclusive version). There is also a difference in quantities. 

The normal version is limited to 1750 and can be found here, whereas the Exclusive is limited to a much lower amount: 750. It can be found here.

Both statues are still available for preorder at time of writing, but if either is to sell out, of course the Exclusive will be first.

I have the Exclusive version preordered, as part of Allan's 21st birthday gifts. He is a massive Zelda fan, so this will be a great addition to his collection. 

Unfortunately, however, we also had Modern Sonic Exclusive and Fire Sage Darunia preordered from First 4 Figures. And low and behold, they are all set for release within the same small time frame. 

Considering the large prices of these statues: approximately £330 for Ganondorf Exclusive, and around £160/£170 for Modern Sonic Ex. and FSD, it just isn't realistic to expect fans to be able to scrounge up almost £700 at once to cover them all. 

Of course, there is the possibility of doing a payment plan when you first preorder, but the time for payment plans is long since passed, and even at that, could have potentially become troublesome during busier months.

So, unfortunately, my preorder of Modern Sonic Ex. will be getting the chop (since I currently don't own any other Sonic line statues, and it hasn't yet sold out anyway), and Fire Sage Darunia is looking as though it might be bumped off, too.

So, I call to you, the collecting community! Go over to the First 4 Figures forums, and plea that they seperate the release schedule (or at least the payment dates) for their statues. 

Even separating them so that they'd fall 4 weeks apart from each other would be a Godsend. 

I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one who thinks that releasing THREE high-priced statues all at once is a bit ridiculous. Obviously, if one was from First 4 Figures, one from Sideshow Collectibles and one from Hot Toys, it'd be a different matter, as they'd be different companies so wouldn't know about each others schedules in advance, but three statues from the one company (not to mention that the next batch of regular Darunia and Zant statues will also be due payment then, for those who have preordered those, too!), is just shocking.

It's hard enough that game companies all seem to put games out in such close time frames of each other, but at least those are much lower priced (well, most of the time!), and also, there are far more games being released over the course of a year, so overlap there is to be expected, but with statue companies only bringing out a few per year (each), surely some space should be made between each release?

Even if they are all produced during the same time frame, the actual release dates/payment dates should be staggered. For example: Modern Sonic, Ganondorf and Darunia all finish production on the 1st April (these aren't confirmed dates, I'm just using this as an example). Start shipping them out to the appropriate warehouses on the 20th April, and let's say they take a month to fully arrive in all warehouses, then make the release schedule and payment dates follow like this:

20th May: All statues arrive to appropriate warehouses.

21st May: Payment emails get sent out to everyone who ordered Modern Sonic.
28th May: Payment due for Modern Sonic orders. Shipping starts once paid.

18th June: Payment emails get sent out to everyone who ordered Ganondorf.
25th June: Payment due for Ganondorf orders. Shipping starts once paid.

16th July: Payment emails get sent out to everyone who ordered Darunia.
23rd July: Payment due for Darunia orders. Shipping starts once paid.

This way, First 4 Figures is more likely to sell more statues, since people don't have to forfeit one of their preorders due to not being able to afford them all on the same paycheck (I do realise that not everybody will have all statues ordered, but y'know what I mean!), and excess statues will be held in the warehouses during this time anyway, so it's not like they'd have to pay more to the warehouse, just to stagger release dates.

Please, let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this, and if you think this is a good idea. And, please forward any thoughts onto the appropriate companies regarding these issues.

I have already mentioned this in the thread I linked above on the First 4 Figures forums, but maybe, if enough people felt the same, something would actually be done about it.


(I'm fully aware that some people may argue "Just don't preorder everything!" and shoot me down for this, but I don't care, haha :D)

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