Thursday, 11 April 2013

The road to Glasgow Comic Con '13.

As everyone should know, I'm a Glaswegian. We don't get as many awesome things happening up here to do with the game, movie and comic world as the likes of London does, but one awesome thing that we do get is the Glasgow Comic Con.

An awesome little convention, right in the heart of Glasgow. Last year was the first year I'd been (same goes for Allan), and we absolutely loved it.

Last year, it was held in the Mackintosh Church, as well as Queen's Cross Hall, which is situated just across the road. It was a much, much smaller convention than the likes of San Diego Comic Con, of course. I think the guest limit was around 500 (not sure whether that was per day, or over the two days), which considering that 2012's SDCC had over 130,000 attending, is definitely a massive difference.

But, to be honest, I really liked the fact that it was small. It gave it a much more intimate feel, and made it much easier to get round the entire thing and see everyone you wanted (although I did manage to miss Grant Morrison, bah!).

There were plenty of guests, of varying popularity. Ranging from the big, well known names such as Jim Starlin, Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison, down to the local indie comic book makers from Black Hearted Press, such as Sha Nazir and John Farman (who actually organize the event).

As you may, or may not know, Rufus Dayglo was also there, signing and sketching for both Tank Girl and Solid Gold Death Mask. He signed and sketched our copy of Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising, and also did an awesome sketch of Tankie in our drawing book. I then contacted him after the convention, as I'd wanted him to do one other sketch for me, but I'd run out of time to ask him. 

I asked if he'd do me a sketch of Tank Girl and Harley Quinn (in her Arkham City get-up) fighting each other, which Allan would buy me for my birthday. Ruf was doing his sketches in varying prices at the convention, I can't fully remember, but it was £50 for A4 and £80 I think, for A3. (Not all artists charge at the convention, but I can fully understand why Rufus does, as most others do a quick sketch for you, whereas he takes his time, and puts all of his effort into it. It can take over half an hour for him to finish your sketch, that's how much effort and detail he puts in! (That's not to say that the others don't put effort in though, it's just that lots of the others are much faster and simpler with the sketches)). Anyway, I chose the A4 sketch, since £50 was all that Allan had left to spend on my birthday, and as a lovely surprise, Rufus did an A3 sketch, but just charged the £50, as a little birthday gift for me.

Here it is, mid sketch:

And as you can see, it has become the background of my blog :) The actual sketch is slightly different to my blog background, as he scanned it and added shading, etc onto a digital copy. I will eventually get a photo up on here of the actual sketch for you all to see.

I met lots of lovely writers and artists that weekend, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. So, obviously, as soon as GCC '13 was announced, I stalked the facebook page, waiting for news of when the tickets would go on sale.

They eventually announced that tickets would go on sale on Valentine's Day, so I made sure I had money ready and waiting, and then on the 13th of February, they put them up for sale early. Instead of waiting, I quickly bought both mine and Allan's weekend tickets, and within the hour, there was a shout out on the GCC page, for me, because I'd been the first person to buy tickets!

This year, the venue is slightly larger. It will be held in the Centre for Contemporary Arts, in the town centre.

Lots of guests have been announced so far, some who went last year, and lots of new faces too. Some of the people on the list are:

John Wagner.
Carlos Ezquerra.
Mike Ploog.
Rufus Dayglo.
Colin MacNeil.
Alan Davis.
Team Girl Comic.
Frank Quitely.
...and many more!

Super excited to be going to this year's GCC, and looking forward to more guests being announced.

If I manage to lose enough weight on time, I may cosplay (although I doubt I'll get down to my target weight on time, no willpower at all haha). Not sure who I'd cosplay as though, so will worry about that nearer the time (if I end up cosplaying at all).

Can't wait!



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