Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So I checked the tracking this morning (yet again) for my Tomb Raider prints. Finally it is actually registering as being in Glasgow! 

It was received into the Glasgow depot at 5.43am this morning, so I am praying that it goes out for delivery today, as I am so looking forward to receiving them.

I need to get frames for them though, as well as frames for the rest of the assorted posters, prints, etc. that are still unframed around the house. Ideally I'd like to have them all professionally framed to protect them, but for the Tomb Raider prints, which are 18x24 inches, the quotes I received for those were at least £100 for the frames I'd like, and with probably over 10 items to be framed that'd be a total cost of at least £1000. 

And I don't have that kinda money to spare!

Maybe if I already had one that was professionally framed, it would push me to frame the others, to keep them all matching, plus I imagine I'll fall in love with the look of them once they're all framed, so having just one framed would give me that kick I need to save up to frame them all.

18x24 inches isn't even the largest size of poster/giclee/litho that I'll need framed, I don't think. I have a The Walking Dead poster, signed by Charlie Adlard that is larger, as well as a signed Super Meat Boy poster too. 

Have you got any unframed prints lying around waiting to be framed? Is the cost of framing putting you off, too?

Let me know in the comments below!


EDIT: It has been loaded onto the driver's van, which means it should arrive soon! EEEEEEK!

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