Monday, 3 June 2013


I'm getting an Alienware laptop for my 21st birthday from my parents.

My mum got me to help her out with ordering it, since I'd know exactly what I want included in it, however the Dell online order system wasn't working, so we ended up placing the order over the phone.

The sales advisor went through the whole process with us, and then arranged a call back for after 4pm to let us know our order number, etc. since we'd already been approved for the finance agreement (my mum has this thing about electronics, she will only pay them through finance incase anything goes wrong with them, although I'm not entirely sure that it gives any more protection).

They never called back after 4pm, so we are waiting in limbo, not knowing anything about our order, other than it being accepted.

So this morning, I've been on to the Live Chat service trying to find out what is happening, so a call back has been arranged for me within the next hour or two.

Why does it have to be so hard to order a bloody laptop!?

Can't wait for it though, hate using the PC. Miss my old laptop (my MacBook), even though it was starting to fall apart - and of course, now it is broken! - so really looking forward to having a laptop again.

Only one month and four days until I'm 21!


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