Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Collection Overview.

So I decided to quickly run round the collection taking quick snapshots of everything. Apologies for the ugly watermarks over everything, it's just to prevent people from using my photos as their own (however when I get back into photographing everything individually, the watermarks will be less obvious and ugly).

There are quite a lot of things missing from these photos, due to them either having been put away for my birthday, or away in storage (plus some things are out on display but their boxes are in storage, so that may make some things harder to work out what they are).


Livingroom Shelves.

Livingroom Shelf Pt. 2 - Behind TV.

Kitchen Shelves.

Kitchen Shelves Pt. 2.

Wolverine: The Adamantium Collection.

Inside the Cupboard of the Shelves in Pt 2.

Kitchen Shelves Pt. 3.

Bottom Shelf.

Lego Star Wars Standee.

Portal Turret Exclusive by Gaming Heads - waiting on a replacement.

Ganondorf Exclusive by First 4 Figures - waiting on a replacement.
Livingroom/Kitchen Shelves.

At the top of the Stairs.

Bedroom Shelves.

Art books, guide books, DC Chess collection magazines and Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait Edition.

Close up of Guide Books.

Max Payne 3 CE - Still boxed up as no room for it to go on display.

Boxes in bedroom.

More boxes in bedroom.

Yet more boxes in bedroom!

Xbox 360s.

Atari and Mega Drive II.

Sega Saturn (plus Virtua gun) and Dreamcast.


Assorted movie props. Used to be on display, but no space right now.

Shelves in AJ's room.

AJ's room Pt. 2.

AJ's room Pt. 3.

Cowabunga! AJ's room Pt. 3.

AJ's room Pt. 4.

AJ's room Pt. 4.

This was Allan's when he was little, AJ has now inherited it.

Zelda stuff - hidden away in a cupboard to protect them. Not exactly the neatest, however.

Limited Edition Hyrule Historia!

And that's everything, bar the things I've yet to receive (either in the post, or for my birthday).

If you want to know what anything in the photos is, just ask!



  1. MY FUCKING DREAM! :D Epic collection man!

  2. Thank you :) There is quite a lot not shown in these pics (such as stuff that is hidden away for my 21st birthday this weekend, etc).

    I will be doing a big collection update next week at some point so you should check back then :)


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