Monday, 10 June 2013

EA Post-E3 Round Up.

Peter Moore came out on stage first during the EA conference to let us all know that 11 great new games were going to be revealed for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

First up, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

John Vechey, Pop Cap Co-founder announced that this third person action game will be coming first to Xbox One, and later to Xbox 360. All whilst looking truly amazed that he was on stage at E3.

Justin Wiebe and Bryan Lindley then joined him on stage to show off the gameplay. There are four "classes" of plants: 

- Peashooter: your typical shooter, only instead of bullets, it fires peas.
- Chomper: the close combat fighter.
- Sunflower: the healer class.
- Cactus: great at picking off enemies from a distance - so essentially the sniper of the group.

Boss wave includes a disco zombie and "Gargantuar" - a massive beast that will require teamwork to defeat.

And just before leaving the stage, Vechey announced Peggle 2.


Respawn Entertainment's debut game, TitanFall promises to be "something fun". Amazing looking gameplay, this is definitely one to watch:

Star Wars Battlefront.

Only a short trailer was revealed for this title. It can be seen here:

Need for Speed: Rivals.

NFS: Rivals will allow you to play alone, or with others, whilst also able to combine the two, by playing in a single player race, another player (playing as a cop) can join in and chase you down (since you will obviously be speeding), and what begins as a single-player race ends as co-op.

Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse in Breaking Bad) then came on stage to talk about the upcoming Need for Speed movie, in which he stars. Releasing in Spring 2014, Aaron said that the movie will "give you an adrenaline rush". 

Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Aaryn Flynn revealed that this vast open-world title will launch in the fall of 2014, exclusively on next-gen platforms. Not much else was said, other than us being shown a trailer.

"Darkness closes in. Will you stand against it, or lead this world to a bitter end?"

NBA 14.

Head of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson told us that NBA 14 will have new systems in place to give players Human Intelligence, and True Player Motion. The ball control will no longer be unnatural, but will now be left entirely up to physics, due to a new system called bounceTek.

NBA Live is a new implementation within the game, where you can see all real-life player stats, and these will be updated within an hour of their stats being altered within real-life games.

Madden NFL 25.

Cam Weber explained to us that Madden 25 will have "the smoothest and most authentic gameplay to date". A new function in the game, known as War in the Trenches, means that offensive linesmen now sort and shift position based on threats from the opposition.

The cover of Madden NFL 25 will feature Adrian Peterson.

FIFA 14.

Drake came out to introduce FIFA 14, stating that he is a massive fan, and how he is always connected to FIFA. Matt Bilbey quickly replaced him on stage to state that players will now move like real athletes, and to  announce that FIFA 14 will be fully playable during this week at E3.


Octagon ring announcer, Bruce Buffer introduced Andrew Wilson, president of UFC: Dana White, as well as Jon Bon Jones and Benson Henderson on stage for the reveal of the next UFC game.

A new "MMAi system" means that the fighters have a new, unique level of intelligence, allowing them to react to moves quickly, and pull off the unexpected. As Jon Bon Jones put it, a fight is "about improv skills and mixing it up".

Another new system in the game is called "Real Body Defamation" and it allows you, the player, to "feel" the hits that your fighter takes, each punch and kick, and how the body reacts to it.

Dana White explained how popular UFC has become as:

"It's a universal sport, as fighting was the first sport. One person threw a punch, and another person ran over to watch... Fighting is in our DNA... It doesn't matter your colour, the language you speak..."

UFC will launch in Spring 2014.

Battlefield 4.

Only in Battlefield 4 will you feel the chaos of 64 players around you.

A new in-game mode has been added, known as "Commander mode", you have a birds eye view of the battlefield, and can communicate with your fellow players to let them know what is happening. This can be done from the comfort of your own home, or on the move vie your tablet device.

We were shown a multiplayer map, called Siege of Shanghai, during which a building that all of the team are in, and which is being shot to smithereens by a helicopter, begins to fall apart. I was in awe at this, however they didn't reveal if the buildings fall apart due to the amount of damage they receive, or if they are just scripted to collapse at that certain point in the level. I hope for the former, but I expect that it is the latter.

And last but not least...

Faith is back.

11 more games into E3, so which games are you looking forward to most?
Let me know in the comments below :)


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