Monday, 3 June 2013

Entries to the Asylum - 3rd June 2013.

Three entries into the Asylum today. All three of them being movie steelbooks: I, Robot, Black Swan and Commando. All exclusive to Zavvi, and costing £14.99 each. Release date is today. Glad Zavvi actually ship things on time to get them to you on release - unlike Amazon!

Sadly, Black Swan will have to be returned for a replacement due to a dent on the reverse of the steelbook (right at the spine), as well as a fairly large scratch on the reverse, too (underneath the seal).

These will be going away for my birthday however, but I figured I should write an entry post anyway, just to keep track (for birthday presents, I like to write the date they were actually received in my database, then a note saying that they were put away until such date, eg: birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, etc).

Next to arrive should be Independence Day steelbook (the final of the four Zavvi exclusives released on June 3rd - which will also be put away until my birthday) as it shipped a day later than the others, Finding Nemo steelbook (also a Zavvi exclusive, should have arrived by now, argh) and The Great Escape steelbook (an Amazon UK exclusive, and the final of the June 3rd steelbook releases for my birthday).

In other news - my new laptop has finally been ordered! Just awaiting the email for my mum to sign so that it can be built :) So excited, it's unreal.

Getting the Alienware M18x, and having it fully customised to my specifications. It's my 21st birthday present from my parents. My birthday isn't until July 7th, but if it arrives earlier than that, then I can get it early, so really hoping it does :P

Can't believe I'm gonna be 21 next month. It's actually pretty scary.

On my way to 30 now haha. 

Still feel like a teenager. Still look like one, too - can't go out without ID, bah!
Ah well, I'm sure I'll appreciate that more as the years go by :)


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