Monday, 10 June 2013

Entries to the Asylum - June 10th 2013.

Three entries into the Asylum today:

S.H. Figuarts Iron Man.
S.H. Figuarts War Machine.
Absolute Watchmen Limited Edition.

The first two came from Nippon Yasan, one of my favourite places to import things from Japan (used on a very regular basis!), and Absolute Watchmen came from, in preparation for Glasgow Comic Con '13 - have been wanting it for a while but never had the money when we saw it in store, and luckily we noticed it was still in stock online a week or two ago, so nabbed a copy! And I must say, it is the absolute best packaged book I've received in a long time. Massive brown shipping box, which, once opened, had folded cardboard inside for extra padding. And then, under the folded cardboard, a bubble envelope. But that's not all! Inside the bubble envelope was another cardboard box, containing the book.

Pristine condition, as you'd expect after all that.

Have you received anything today?


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